Phone Call

So i legit justt got a phone call for like 10 minutes. It was so weird talking to him I didn't know what to say so there was actually some silences hahah. The beginning of the phone call was good but then I told him I wasn't going to college here next semester he was like why you should...guess that means he doesn't want me to live with him? And then he was like yea I'm going to be deployed all the time you know that right. I knew that and it sucks he had to rub it in my face. So the phone call actually made me kind of upset:/ I ended up crying but idt he could tell. And then I was like can you talk to your dad about graduation? He was like oh you don't need to go it's going to cost a lot. Wtfff? I have money and I've been planning this now I don't even know if I should go. He sounds like he doesn't even care about me anymore which is so different from when he left. I'm so upset right now. 

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Yeah he's probably exhausted a bit stressed and cant wait till graduation. Once you guys talk about this more (meaning you telling him that you ARE going no matter what) he'll be so grateful.

i understand what you mean. But they are going through some very hard training and long days. I have not really heard tony upset/depressed before either, but i can understand when he is. Also everytime i am having a bad day i try and think about what tony is going thorugh and i sorta forget about my bad day becasue i know he is going through a lot more stuff that i am going through you know:? Hmm... I have not looked at ticket prices anytime recently... I would just write him like you are doing and ask him... Its going to be expensive that's for sure but i heard its worth it. Maybe he will still pay half.. maybe he was just having a off day today. Just remember tomorrow is a new day=)

Thanks girls! Yea he did just sound really distant. I'm sure he's just tired. But it just really upset me I starting crying on the phone and couldn't help it. I'm def going to write him about it tonight and send it to him tomorrow asap. And as for going to graduation, I've been waiting forever to hear from him so I could get tickets and he didn't really give me any info and now that I've waited so long ticket prices have gone up so much :/ so I'm not sure if I cant afford it. The orginal plan was he was going to fly me out but I felt bad so I said I would pay half..and now he didn't mention paying at all so i don't think I'll have enough money. Gah I was my old jay back): I've never seen/heard from him when he was upset/depressed.

This is so weird you posted this, bcause my 1st call was on saturday and i was really upset after mine too. I agree with deevon. He is probably really tried.. i mean they have been working really hard all day, and they don't get enough sleep as it is anyways. (at least that;s what tony tells me) I wouldn't fret on it too much b/c that's what i was doing untill i realized he was probably just tried, and i know i was tired when he had called me. i think all us girls tend to overanalyze things. We can't help it! I would still plan on going to graduation.. Tony tells me all the time that its a waste of money.. but then he says i really wish you were coming. but i can't go anyways but if i could i would. Maybe write him telling him how you feel about this.. that's what i did with tony but i tell tony everything so I dunno lol. But don't worry about it... I am sure the next time you hear from him his tone will be different. BUt OUr boys don't have too much longer!!=)

I got a phone call like this once. Like this in the sense that he seemed really distant and I felt like he was really different. I was super upset afterwards, I think I even posted a story on here about it haha But the call came the day he got back from BEAST week and he was soooooo tireddddd. Your guy is probably just really tired. And very stressed. I know when Nick gets tired he's far from lovey lol I wouldnt worry too much about it. Like you said, you're probably over analyzing things. Us girls tend to do that :P I would still plan on going to his graduation, because whether it seems like it or not, he's going to want you there :)

I'm probably just over reacting and this will seem silly later:/ I just expected the phone call to cheer me up not give me more doubt haha. I always overanalyze stuff.