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Hi, I'm Gabrielle and my man, Peter, was just sworn in today. Newest property of the U.S. Government. I'm new to this whole Air Force thing, but I've been really encouraged by all that I have read on this site.

Peter and I have been together 10 months. I am 22 and he will be 23 next week. We met on Facebook at the end of my spring break last year. He lives around Dallas and came up to my area in Kansas with a friend of his. His friend had met someone online and Peter came with him to meet this girl so he wouldn't be coming all the way up here and meeting this girl by himself. While they were up here his friend and this girl went off and did whatever and Peter was left in the hotel room most of the time. He was on the computer a lot that weekend One of the evenings we were both on Facebook on Speed Date and met and starting talking. Our first conversation was about Dr Who. We met online on a Friday night and we met on Sunday morning. We went to church and spent the day together. At the end of the day he asked me if he could take me out on an actual date. I said yes and he came back up to see me two weeks later. At the end of that weekend he asked me if I would be his girlfriend and I said yes!! We have now been together 10 months. I graduate with my degree in May 2011 and our current plan is to get married that summer(even though we're not technically engaged...yet). Our relationship has been a long distance relationship. Nothing about our relationship has been easy but we're very close and I love him very much. I spent three weeks with him and his family over Christmas but other than that we get about a week together every two months.

Anywhoo, Peter just joined the Air Force and we're now waiting for his recruiter to find a job on his list and then Basic. It's a really good thing and we're excited. But I'm more than just a little nervous. Last night he called me to tell me how he did on the ASAP (he did amazing on it!) and I got off the phone with him and cried. And he called me today to tell me he passed his physical and I cried. I'm happy for this and it's a really great thing for us but I can't stop crying with all this stuff happening. (I'm thinking the time of the month might have something to do with the tears.) I really miss him and so wish I could be there tonight to hug him. I know that as much as I'm being affected by these changes he's being affected a thousand times more. And we're not there to hold each other as we work through this one step at a time.

That was a little about myself, well a lot about myself, hope it wasn't too boring. And I hope that I don't sound too crazy.


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Welcome to the group!! It's so very helpful to know people have been where you are..and understand what your going through..:) We'll always be here for you if you need anything or have any questions or just need to vent. It took Joey 6 months before he actually got his date to leave.. Spend a lot of time with much as you possibly can..and try to keep it light hearted and to not think about him leaving because as the date gets closer it'l just make you more and more uneasy. Focus on the positive! That's what gets you through from day to day! If you ever need anything we're all here and most likely know how you feel. :)

Ah! I love that your first conversation was about Dr. Who. But it sounds like it's a solid relationship. I'm so glad I started dating Jeremy after he already had his basic date, I would have been such a wreck like you. I even remember when our mutual friend told me he joined, and I don't think I had even spoken to him yet at that point, and I got nervous for him. But it'll be alright. You have tons of time to prepare which is good. We'll make you a pro at this! And yeah, originally Jeremy was supposed to leave in September (he was sworn in that January) and then they switched it to December, so be prepared for a lot of scatter-brained-ness involving the military. They suck big time.

Welcome to the group feel free to come here about anything. And to write as many letters as you can to your airman. He will appreciate the thought and consideration put into them.

Welcome to the group! it took Richard about 6months too to get any exact date for his deployment. But just be there for him as much as possible. Try to not to let him know you've been crying; that is really hard on them. But just come here to talk to us, we will help you get through things, the girls here are very great and understanding.

The whole military abbreviations thing takes getting used to. Just wait until he gets out of basic and he doesnt even use words anymore. Just letters. But after a while you'll speak military like you're a part of it! lol You still have a while to go, but if you have any questions about basic or anything, just let me know :)

Good to know... I obviously have a lot to learn. I just realized after you said that that I can't remember seeing it written down. Just hearing it. He is going for Electrician.

I met my boyfriend online too. But we had mutual friends and he lived in the same town lol :P But I loved reading your story and welcome to the group! It usually takes around 6 months to get a date to leave. At least it did for my boyfriend, and a lot of the other girls on here too. So you still have plenty of time with him! Make it all count! And its not "ASAP" its the "ASVAB" lol What job is he going for?