2 more weeks of this hell living without my man! ah and it seems to be getting better, everything is falling into place. we talk about marriage all the time (well i mean whenever he can write/call which is pretty much never) and his mom actually referred to me as her daughter in law today haha.

except these girls don't seem to GET IT. valentines day is coming up on sunday and my best friend of all people is like OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WORK ON VALENTINES DAY aw my boyfriend wanted this and that and i am so mad. yadayada and some more like ahh i have had to work the past 3 valentines days wah wahhhh and i used to work the same exact place she's at with the same exact job. let me tell you being a hostess at this pizza place means your shifts are like 3 hours max. So I am trying my hardest not to be like "dude i would kill for even a 30 second phone call on valentines day. actually i would kill for a 30 second phone call ANYDAY of the week, so shut the eff up! >:( and this chick on face book is going to school like 2 hours away from her boyfriend. she's like "chelsey! i am so proud of you being in a long distance relationship too!"
i'm like.............................. really?.........is that a joke?............
girl. if you even knew what it was like to truly be in a long distance relationship. don't even talk to me! lol i mean maybe i am just being touchy lately but excuse me if my whole world has been turned upsidown and i no longer refer to long distance relationships as being able to call/text/drive 2 flippin hours to see your man whenever you want UGH try being 1500 miles away with noooo NO nothing more than a max 5 minute phone call a week and you only get letters once a week because he sneaks them. if chris followed all the rules i wouldn't have gotten a letter for the past like 3 weeks. not that i am saying it's ok for him to break the rules but still this chick doesn't have to depends on snail mail and rude TIs controlling her mans every move!!!!!! good god i am SUPER frazzled and frustrated and irritated and pissed and all of the above!!!@$@$$$$@#$!@#$%^%^& anyways...

i love all you girls :)

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Omg; I just read this story, and I am in class...trying not to laugh. Its not funny, but it is because this is how I feel!!! No one understands us...but us!!! But we just have to remember in the end we will all be happily married to our Airmen!!! WOOT EFFIN WOOT!!! lolololol And yes the best feeling is being accepted by his fam! I remember Richard's family was like sooo when is the wedding!!!?? And that was the first day meeting me, such a GREAT feeling! but I enjoyed this rant!..I cant wait to get a damn letter...sheesh!

HEY! I think that your man is graduating at the same time as mine..i saw your post about beast week and Joey is in that right now too. He's in flight 167..and graduates the 26th. Unfortunately I can't go..but at least we'll get to talk to them everynight soon..and let me tell you..I've gotten my fair share of rude comments for being in a military relationship. The hardest part about that is, most of them are family and the way our family works is you can disagree with each other but no matter what the elder person is always right so you might as well swollow your words before you say them because they're a waste. :/ But I KNOW about the annoying miss my boyfriend soo much blah blah blah never get to see him. ( eventhough they saw him last weekend and he only lives 15 mins away) PLUS they get to talk txt email do whatever as long as they want. We don't get ANY of that..and we love our boyfriends just as much if not WAY MORE than they do. ugh it's so frustrating. unless you actually have a friend with someone in the military as a boy/husband you don't know what this is like so PLEASE don't compare. I'm hoping that they get a phone call Sunday..even if it's only for a second..that's all I want. But in the end.. I know that our relationship is so much stronger than any of theirs..so it'll be beneficial to us in the long run!

The whole long distance thing always pissed me off. One of my best friends started dating this kid, but then he moved home after a year or so which was about an hour to two hours away. And she always complains how she just can't deal with only seeing him once a week. See, previous to bmt, Jeremy and I lived five hours away from each other. And I would only get to see him like, two times a month. They were the most amazing times though. And now it's even worse, I don't see him for 128 days and now when my friend complains I just can't tolerate it AT ALL. I just block them out and it feels better. So frustrating. But I think we all understand on here.

Ahh, story of my life! Haha, my closest friends here at school all know about my situation and they're really supportive, but there are some other girls I hang out with that I don't know as well, and they're ALWAYS bitching about how they only get to see their boyfriends once a month or something. Meanwhile, they're talking to them all day, every day. Today at dinner one of them started asking me about how Colin's doing and all that, and I told her I've only gotten 2 letters from him in over a month, no phone calls, all that stuff she's so used to... she was silent! I think that's the last I'll hear of her bitching about her "missing" her boyfriend, haha!

He!! yes I freakin hate these girls. I get soo pissed off when I see a friend (for the most part) post on their bf's facebook "I miss you" when she sees his a$$ EVERYDAY!!! And I mean that literally. I'm thinking how the HE!! are you going to miss someone you see everyday? God!!! stuff like that really ****** me off! I haven't seen my bf in MONTHS while your over there whining about someone you saw that same day????? AND PEOPLE TELL ME I WHINE TOO MUCH??<br />
<br />
Um...I went on my own rant there. In any case, I understand. lol

usafbabe omg we are in the same boat i feel like. i have been trying to figure out how to comment your last story for like an hour about getting married and every thing. my parents are stupid about it too :( but we all have to do what makes US happy!<br />
haha i know deevon112 your story cracked me up! i read it like a week ago. i have been stalking everyones stories because it makes me feel better idk! i'm a creep i guess. but it's so true i do have it better and i will appreciate what chris and i have and our time together so much more than any of my friends ever will. so in the end i win:D woo!

Lol deevon112 you are so right! I love it! Our men are in uniform... and We ALL win!!! Lol

You will have to deal with these kinds of people foreverrrrr haha I even have PROFESSORS who give me crap about being in a military relationship. Its ridiculous. You just have to remember that, honestly? You have it better than all of these people :) You're going to be a million times closer to your man. You two will have gone through hell and back and have made it out alive :) I usually bite my tongue when comments like this happen. But sometimes I just cant help myself. "You miss your boyfriend whom you havent seen in a week? Well I miss my boyfriend who I dont get to see for another 5 months. So quit complaining." Haha. I even posted a very angry story about my feelings towards these people. Nick being away has made me very aggressive. Lol. Just gotta keep your head up and remember that YOU have an amazing boyfriend in UNIFORM. Mhm. You win.

Hey girl! Lol I am not going to lie this story really made me chuckle i a little. I can relate so much. Seriously you never know what its like to be in a real long distance relationship unttill literally everyhting is cut off. No phone calls, no texts. Like you said letters.. have of them get snuck. I mean dang that's a long distance relationship. This whole experience has changed outlook on long distance relationships forever. My feelings for tony have gotten so much stronger, and this whole relationship has gotten so much stronger as well. Horray for his mom refering to you as her daughter in law!!! I love when tony's family introduces me to people as their daughter in law/sister in law. It makes me happy lol. Just knowing i am going ot spend the rest of my life with him.. and his family accepts me you know? Don't get irritated.. Just come on here and vent to us whenever you want! =) Were like a big family on here! Everyone can relate to one oneanother so much better than most of our friends... (even though they really do try). HOrray for Him grauduating in 2 weeks!!!!! You must be so excited! SOrry for all my rambling!