A Little Update =/

ok so as u can tell i had a complete freak out on my last post...well i talked to leo and he said he doesnt think its that big of a deal and that im blowing it all outa porportionwhen im not you dont go make a facebook and dnt tell ur gf an goo add every other girl...he say he wasnt gna keep it thats why he didnt add me...but umm he shoulda added me b4 he added all the other girls....but whatever ab he says he did nothing wrong...so when he starts feeling bad we will see what happens...but right now our relationship is kinda at a hault im not really sure were we stand...thanks ladies for all ur advice an being there it really helped

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thx u guys soo much me and him arent together right now tho<br />
soo idk whats gna happen il probably<br />
post something on it ina little<br />
but u guys really help a lot =)

I read your previous post, and then this one, lol. I know that heart racing, super pissed, shakey feeling. I felt that way when some random chick tried telling me that my boyfriend cheated on me with her sister. I knew the password to his facebook and everything, but one day it changed and he just told me someone hacked it. On his Facebook, the relationship status changed to single and all our pictures were set to where they would only show up when i looked at his profile. And all this was going on while he was in basic so i couldn't really talk to him about it. But anyways, apparently he didn't cheat, he just hung out with the girl, but didn't tell me about it, sooo i was still super pissed and almost broke up with him cause it's happened before. But now after basic, he's changed for the better which is why we're still together now. All I can tell you is to give him some time, and maybe he'll come around. You have every right to be upset, and what he did isn't okay. I mean how would he feel if you had done the same thing? I'm sure he would not like it either. Sorry this was so long! I know exactly how you feel. Just hang in there girl, we're all here for you! :)

awhh :( i'm sorry dear..Don't think that your wrong in thinking that it's not okay because that was wrong of him..and for some reason his story isn't making that much sense..but like rachel said..maybe there's a logical reason behind it all. :) Just stick it out. Do what's best for you. Things have a way of working themselves out on their own..it'll be alright!

Hmm.... Well I dunno hun i would stil be mad. I have my fingers crossed that he will start to feel bad and he will get rid of it. See tony i would be so mad if he did that to me. Keep us updated on what happens... maybe there is a logical reason behind it all. Keep your head up today is a new day=)

He really thinks nothing is wrong with that? I mean if he wasn't going to keep it why make it? E mail still exist you know... lol. I'm glad you went about this with a steady mindset. If right know you don't feel this is best that do what is right for you. Keep us updated. ^)^