Graduates On Friday.

My boyfriend Quinn graduates on friday and I wont be there. I wished i could of but we both decided to wait a couple of weeks so i can visit him at tech school.  At least his dad is going  but i feel like i should of been there too. i know i could of gone, but he didnt want me to spend so much money. it is pretty pricey but i didnt care. i guess i let him decide for the both of us.

Atleast i will be able to talk to him everyday again, and im going to see him in a couple of weeks, its so nice to have something to look foward to again!

Thanks to all the ladies who have helped me go through BMT Im so glad i found this website! and if you want anybody to talk to or questions feel free to ask me!

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I got to talk to him today he called me right after his coin ceremony. we had the chance to talk for like an hour. it was so nice to be able to talk with out time limits. its like old times and he still the same just way more respectful of everything and everybody. god im already excited to start talking to him all the time. he doesnt have a phone at the moment so he had to use the payphones. i think he is going to buy one once he gets to go into town. cant wait! <br />
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and hes going to be in California for tech school and his job is going to be equipment maintenance. its what he wanted to do so im glad he got the job he wanted:D

Yayyy BMT is over!!!! I'm sorry you don't get to see him graduate but at least you will a couple weeks from now AND get to talk to him everyday again, he must have a working phone (unlike mine). lol<br />
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Congrats on getting through Tech school!

Timmo is right! Bmt is the BIGGEST obstacle! And you've overcome it! YAY! Tech school is soooooo muuuuch easier! You can talk to him every night and on the weekends you can talk to him allllll day. Once they're out of phase 1, it gets even better because they're able to take their phones everywhere after duty hours. Instead of having to keep them in the dorms. Congrats to you and your Airman! Whats his job and where is he going for tech school?

SO luckyy! I know how you feel about wanting to be there..I unfortunately can't go to my boys graduation either, but like you i'm trying to wiggle my way in to convincing my dad to take me down to see him in tech school ( since that's the only way my mom will let me go..being in high school still sucks) But this is the big hurdle if I understand correctly. :) so congrats for making it through! Things will be a little easier now that you get to talk to him every night.!

My boy graduates Friday too. And I wont be there either. I'm just trying to keep busy and PRAYING I get a phone call some time this weekend. And knowing I'll see his beautiful pixelated face via webcam soon is making me so excited. hehe