This Will Be My Last Update About Arthur...

He randomly decides yesterday that he doesn't think he is ready for a relationship... i mean REALLY ?! wtf.

i went off on him like all hell and he hung up on me. So i sent him a text telling him "Man f* you and everything about you. Lose my number, please & thank you."    WOW girls. words cant even describe how pissed off i was ! i was more pissed off than hurt to be honest. I'm glad i gave him a second chance though, because i would have always thought 'what if we coulda worked things out'. But, now i know that me & him will NEVER work out & its time for me to move on from that a**hole. I am young & single, and ready to have my fun !! sorry about all the break-up & get back together posts. He really was just trying to play games with my head ! I'm doing okay though. The break-up is easier to deal with this time though because i know how to make myself forget about the hurt. All the things he has put me through has only made me 28648768 million times strong. Oh, & KARMAS A B****.


sorry for the rant, im pissed. lol love you girls & i will always be here no matter if im a USAFGF or not !


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Thanks Rebekkah (:

aww im sorry hes such a douchebag!! you really do deserve SOOO SOO SOO much better! and he definetely has proved once again he doesnt deserve you!<br />
im SOO proud of you too! and your extremely strong and really theres so much better out there!<br />
i love your attitude about it!

Thanks so much girls for being here for me, that means A LOT !<br />
& of course i am here for yall (:<br />
I'm sure one day i will find someone to treat me right. & i feel like all the pain i have been feeling is a great thing because it is making me realize so much & helping me become a stronger person. I started of on this site being SO proud of my airman. but now im SO proud of myself for being able to come at things with a positive attitude & deal with things better ! This time i will NOT let him break me & bring me down & make me depressed like last time... I am going to be okay, no doubt in my mind. Because he will no longer be able to lie to me & mess with my head. Im living for my own happiness now, not his !

I'm so sorry that you couldn't work things out hun! But the first thing that comes to my mind is when one door closes another opens. Maybe this break up will allow you to come across someone who will treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. :) I'm fairly new to this group so I never really got the chance to know you that well except for the last couple of stories you posted..but If you ever need to talk i'm also here and would be happy to listen.

Are you serious??? What an a$$. Well don't blame yourself hun. You are a good person who decided to give him a second chance and HE blew. I'm so sorry. Good Luck with finding a REAL man that will love you unconditionally. I'm always on here if you need ANYTHING. <br />
<br />
I'll keep you in my prayers. ^_^

I kind of felt like it might be too good to be true. I don't know. I feel like I've known guys like this and I couldn't trust that things were perfect again. I hate that this happened, but I'm glad now you can finally move past him. He's one of those guys that are jerks and probably will never change. Those exceptions to the bmt rule where he wasn't changed by it and his true true colors were shown. You deserve way better than him, and I know for a fact you'll find a man who worships you and will never ever think of hurting you or messing with your head. I wish the best for you girl, and don't worry, I KNOW that feeling. I feel like I bug my friends all the time with going back and forth between things are good and things are bad. I know what it feels like for people to get frustrated with me because my mind and heart are at war. If you need to post again, if no one else will listen, I'm here for you. I'm glad it's easier on you this time. Good luck hun, and again, I'm here for you. :)