Completely Tired Of Being Optimistic

it's been a really long time since i've posted my own story on here...mostly because i've begun to face facts of living an AFGF life & am pretty much used to coming to terms with things on my own

however...i'm really over doing that at this moment. 

i'm used to being "the rock" in my relationship & being the person that says "things will work out" & "everything happens for the reason" but i'm really over saying that now too.

Michael was supposed to graduate from tech school on Feb. 5th which means he would have been on the 8th. i dealt with him not being able to come home because he didn't have leave because he used it during Exodus & he said he had to stay at Sheppard doing details for another week & then he could go home. After some arguing, we booked tickets for the 12th... we've been so excited & planning what we're going to do when he comes home, all the little "dates" we'll go on before he moves to Alaska on March 1st.

Well all this lovely snow that everyone else in the country seems to be enjoying is now going to (more than likely) ruin him coming home tomorrow. Seeing as all of the flights out of (the world's smallest airport) Wichita Falls to Dallas Ft. Worth were cancelled today & will probably be cancelled tomorrow, since they're supposed to get 9 more inches of snow...

I don't really know why i'm writing this besides to complain since i refuse to complain to him or our families. It just sucks knowing there is absolutely NOTHING i can do to help the situation at all.

Normally i love the AF, but lately i'm not a big fan. It's times like these that i really question how i can make a relationship like this work if our whole lives its always going to be like this... & i'm just supposed to be "okay" with it???!

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thanks girls!! =] he made it out of Sheppard AFB on his flight but it got delayed in air so he missed his connection in Dallas =[ but he made it out early the next morning & things are completely better now that i'm with him!<br />
i have NOOO idea what i'd do without you all! i really appreciate everything

Hang in there sweetie! Things will get better. Your faith is just being ok.. =) hugss

hang in there girl! I know how hard this can get... we all do. I'm currently dealing with the same thing- I usually just suck it up but lately I can't. The only thing I have figured out is this..<br />
"Just go with it" "It is what It is" and "it won't be like this forever" - all wise words of my mother.<br />
Seriously- there are times when we all hate the air force and how it STAMPEDES on our plans/relationships.. but that's only short term.. things usually pass and we work around them. It is hard to be in a relationship that technically speaking, neither one of you control, but the fact of the matter is you have stayed with your man this far, why give up now? You made it through 8 weeks of some guy telling him when he could make phone calls and for how long.. you made it through the months of a tired, worn down boyfriend in tech school. Once he is at his duty station things get much easier. His life will get a little more normal!!<br />
I really hope he gets a flight out.. I personally, am not a fan of this snow either. If not, try to work something else out.. re-arrange your plans. Unfortunately as military girlfriends we have to be able to "man up" as my fiance says and just figure something else out. Try not to stress out too much, it will make you crazy!

UGH so the AF is giving you the finger along with the run around??? I cant believe how much they toy with our men. I know its hard but after a while things will flow better. Good Luck hunni!!