Hey!? :)

I know I don't come on nearly enough or talk to any of you at all anymore!

Well my names Rebekah  :) so tell me all about you guys! I feel like I know like no one now.... So how are all of you doing?

mmm so newest for me is Steven and I will be getting married next weekend :) I cant wait! I really do want him to be the person who is next to me for the rest of my life! Anyone else here married or planning to get married?

Well I wish you all the best :) 

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hi Krista! awww thats so cute you keep count tho! im sorry! aww well happy valentines day to you! lol<br />
i know! you wanna punch them and talk about actually having to really part! its so close and like ugh they just dont even know! so hows the deployment? is this the first? and sorry i dont know what EOD is? awww well i hope the 158 days go EXTREMELY fast!

Hi Rebekah! I'm Krista. Congrats to you!<br />
Allen is currently in Afghanistan and 1 month into his 6 month deployment. He is EOD.<br />
When he is home, he is stationed at Dover AFB.<br />
I got a call yesterday for Valentine's Day, and we actually got to talk for 20 minutes! <br />
I know exactly what you mean when you talk about couples! It drives me crazy being at college and seeing all the couples say I miss you when they have to leave each other's rooms at night but yet they are gonna see them the next day. <br />
I miss him like crazy! Only 158 days to go! Yes I keep track :) hehe.

yessss! i do too! its so frustrating!<br />
i know really tho, like things us now mean so much different, i do think it brings couples closer together tho!<br />
like me and steven loved eachother and were close but now its like a lot deeper!<br />
of course, youd give alot for just a couple minutes with him huh lol<br />
i miss him alot :( ugh!

Thanks girl! :)<br />
Yessss, it does suck! I was in a bad mood like all day. lol I hate seeing all these happy couples and I feel like they take the time they spend together for granted. It's like we don't need a holiday to show our significant other we appreciate them. Everyday we get to spend with them is precious. I guess I'm also just jealous of them too. lol

good luck! :) even if she isnt into it right away give her time for it to set in and get used to it.<br />
me too! lol<br />
yeah! lol it is always expect the worst so then whatever does happen looks better! <br />
it sucks being apart on valentines day huh? :/

Definitely! I think maybe i'll tell her sometime this week? *crosses fingers* Idk, wish me luck though! lol<br />
And yeah, it was a lot more than I expected. I mean I didn't know anything about basic though, so I just expected the worst, which was like maybe a couple letters and then a phone call or two. So when I did get that many, I was excited! I think that's what we always gotta do in our situation, just always expect the worst so we don't get so disappointed. lol

no yeah i totally understand where your coming from. itll probably end up worst tho if she feels left out tho like if you talk to her about it it gives her warm up time and shelll feel included and respected. i understand its hard tho, its a scary thing to tell your parents! <br />
<br />
haha i did too! lol until i heard about everyone else and their amount. 8 is actually pretty good tho!

Yeah, Jordan said I need to tell her sometime soon.. lol I just don't want her to be like bitter or anything the last few months that I'm gonna be living here, ya know? I don't want her to be all against it and say i'm ruining my life blah blah, but i guess i just need to gather up the courage and tell her! lol I only got 8 letters too, and I thought that was a lot.

i like timmi for a girl tho! i would name a daughter that! lol<br />
<br />
awwww your almost done! :) exciting huh?! awww im sorry, yeah the phone back is probabaly the nicest part! lol<br />
<br />
wow! a long time then! aww :) im also still a senior in highschool. <br />
thats good! you should definetely stick to that then! thats good that you acknowledge that! <br />
yeah! :) aww!<br />
i am super excited!! :) i cant wait! like my hearts going crazy! thanks! lol

definetely!<br />
haha yeah lol have to be your own self motivator!<br />
well you could buy yourself a big jacket :) lol<br />
haha yeah! lol being a wife seems nice!<br />
yeah i get what you mean, mmm i dont even know.<br />
i asked my mom how shed feel about it first and then she said itd have to be way later and i discussed the military situation and the benefits of being married and how i feel about steven and i told her i respect her and her opnion and i wish shed think about it alittle bit, and shes come around to it lol so i would just talk to her and see how she feels, idk.<br />
<br />
<br />
hey rachel! i am super excited! :) 18 letters omgosh! :) your soo lucky! lol i got 8 the whole time lol<br />
its rough to hear that huh you wanna fly out there and fix it for him huh? lol<br />
awwww! thats soo cute :) thats stupid! sorry. ugh! marriage is a beautiful thing:)<br />
haha no you didnt lol and its cool i do too! nice meeting you too! :)

Hey Rebekah! My name's Timmi (yeah it's a boys name..but im pretty much as girly girl as you can get.) haha. My boyfriend is in his 7th week of Basic Training starting tommorrow and will graduate not this coming friday but the friday after. I can't go, but i'm just excited to get a chance to talk to him everynight. :)We've been together pretty much since I was 14 and he was 16. I'm only a senior in high school..and we've discussed getting married, but I know that if I get too wrapped up in that I'll never finish college, and that's something that I have to do for myself, or i'll always regret it. But we're gonna make it work! :) That's a little bit about me. :) You must be SO excited to be getting MARRIED. I'm so happy for you!

Is you're guy in the 320th, Rachel? That was the flight my boyfriend was in and he said it was the toughest. They're the mascot is the gators, and their logo shows them stomping on all the other mascots :) It's pretty bada** lol

hello I am rachel. Congratulations on getting married next weekend!! You must be so excited! My boyfriendTony is just getting done with week 5 just like Becca's Airman! i have gotten 18 letters so far, a lot of them were snuck though lol. Tony's ti i guess is strict too but I dunno. He said he is in the hardest flight and they are the last to do anything. Tony wanted to get married before he left but i wanted to wait to see if we could handle the distance.. Now i want to marry him more than ever!=) But his Dumb Ti is saying things like don't get married its a trap blah blah blah. I told tony to ignore his ti, and i don't believe what he says is true! Lol sorry i tend to ramble on and on!=) Its nice meeting you!!

Yeah, that's just one sacrifice we gotta make for our men! <br />
I was thinking about online school too, I just hope I wouldn't get too distracted and actually do my work lol<br />
Yeah, I'd LOVE for him to be stationed here, or at least somewhere close, but I highly doubt that would happen. I just don't like ND, it's SOO cold up there! lol<br />
Yesss, meaning we get to live with them, and be with them as much as possible, taking that last step further in our relationship. And can't forget those benefits too ;) haha jk.<br />
And yeah, I just don't know how to tell my mom. I mean she likes him and all, and she wouldn't mind if I did marry him one day. But she probably would be shocked and not really like the fact that i'd be getting married right away. lol Then again, I do want to tell her sometime soon so that it wouldn't be so much of a shock later on, ya know? I just don't really know how to bring it up. How did you tell your mom?

i know! deployments sound so rough, bt what other choice do we have but to get through them right! <br />
community college, im thinking about online school but highly doubt it.<br />
wow that would be sooo nice! i understand why you wanna stay in OK then!<br />
aww thats sweet!<br />
<br />
yess exactly! lol its the meaning of marriage thats important :)<br />
thanks :) lol<br />
<br />
<br />
omgosh! they dont know yet! are you scared? <br />
awww thats good! :) makes you feel good huh! lol<br />
<br />
my mom has fully come around to it :) she actally thinks its good now! and his mom doesnt know were getting married right now, but she does know were engaged she went with to get the ring shes also come around to the thought! lol

Oh, and also my parents don't know yet.. lol I haven't told them. He told his parents though. They're all like, " Yeah, go for it!" They say i'm sweet, nice, and smart, and they support him :) What about you, what do your parents think?

Yeah, to have found that special someone so early, we don't have to waste any more of our time with others! :) <br />
Tinker is pretty big, i think. It's like 20 min away from my house, so yeah, it's the ideal. lol this lifestyle will definitely take some getting used to! Especially when they get deployed.. That'll be the hardest. But I think I can handle it! <br />
I was planning on going to a community college first for my basics and then I want to transfer into a university for radiology, to take xrays and thing like that. What about you? I also have OHLAP which is this thing in OK where if your family makes under a certain amount of money, they pay full tuition to any college in OK, so that's why I really wanted to stay here. But he said either way, i'll be guaranteed to go to college.<br />
I don't think the courthouse is that bad, I mean wedding are really expensive, and all that really matters is that we are married! lol And thank you! You two are very cute as welll :)

i know! lol :) it feels nice! i personally think were extremely lucky!<br />
ohh okay makes more sense then. well who knows maybe youll get mississippi!<br />
Tinkers a big base huh? im not to sure where its located tho.. edwards afb is in my city it was first on his wishlist. <br />
me too! i think overseas sounds fun but i want to be seasoned at this life first lol<br />
ohh yeah me too! what kind of college will you be attending? what are you gonna do?<br />
yes thats our plan! its simple and no time for s either! well be having one later too. i heard a lot of military couples do that. the courthouse doesnt seem to bad at all! yo guys look so cute together :) awww!

Haha it's cool girl. It's good to hear you're 18 too! haha we're not alone :) Basically the only reason i'd want Mississippi is because it's closer to home. We're from Oklahoma, so i'm used to the south. It is a lot different from California. I was hoping for Tinker, but I know the chances of him getting that are like slim to none! I'd like to go overseas eventually though. I think Japan or Germany would be cool! I just wanna get college done first though, that's very important to me. And we're going to the courthouse too, I think I read up there that that's what you're doing too. lol There's like no time for me to plan an actual wedding, so we decided that we could wait a few more years to have one maybe!

me too! :) im actually still in highschool. same with me and my airmen! :) finally someone else young lol<br />
ohh yeah, well prp would be nice tho! steven had that for montana but his paperwork got lost and so they switched him. higher security clearnace, well thats goood then :) out the questioln then lol<br />
why?! it might just be becase im from california but ive heard only negatives about mississippi and how mch im gonna hate it. where are you hoping you get? do you want overseas?<br />
how are you guys gonna get married? how do yor parents feel abot it?<br />
sorry so many questions lol

I'm only 18.. haha but I know in my heart that we're meant for each other, and he knows it too :) I think he likes SF so far. He likes getting to shoot all kinds of guns of course. lol Right now his orders are for Minot, ND.. Which I DO NOT want to go there! lol but he said more than likely he won't get stationed there because it's PRP and you're record has to be like absolutely perfect, and his isn't, so he will probably get disqualified and get new orders! But I won't know for sure until May! I rather him have Mississippi though.. lol

hi mariah! :)<br />
thanks :) congratulations to you too! its exciting huh! how old are you?<br />
ohh thats awesome! how does he feel about it? stevens graduating the end of this month, which is the rush lol <br />
yes, colmbus afb, mississippi what about your airmen?

Hello, I'm Mariah :) Congrats to you and your airman! Jordan will hopefully be done with tech school in May and we are planning on getting married when he gets back before he goes to his first duty station so I can move in with him :) He's going into security forces too! Does your man know where he'll be stationed at?

hey jenny! im going to the corthouse, thats cute tho! howd he purpose? awww im soo jealous of you! i hope thats amazing!! :) are you going to go with him then after your married? <br />
<br />
hey becca! definetely like the name lol its a girl? im pretty sure theres only one girl ti right? and if thats the case steven had her too! strict diet! aww im sorry youve gotten so litte! your in the clear now tho so close to being done! are you gonna go to gradation? how exciting :)

Hey Rebekah! I'm Becca lol I like your name ;) I'm still pretty new here, my boyfriend's at the end of week 5 in basic. I haven't heard from him much - his TI is INSANELY strict, they're her last flight - so all I've gotten is 2 letters so far. I can't wait to hear more from him!

omg, i am so jealous of you getting married so soon! i am actually engaged, but i have to wait another nine months til we get married! ahh, going through my church is taking forever! but anyways i have been on here forever, well since july, and i dont know if you know me, but im jenny. haha. my fiance is station at bolling afb in washington dc. he's in the honor guard, woot woot! but i guess i feel pretty special since i get to go spend all of valentines day weekend with him! <br />
oh and everyone else, i love the stories!

Hi BreYana thats the coolest way I've ever seen that spelled! have you guys talked about it? aww :( Im sorry! Have you tried to talk to him? I dont know what avionics is, but it sounds fun! lol your not boring at all! I'm nosey and I love hearing other peoples stories

stephopotamus: i remember that! lol thank you :) hes still in tech school has about 2 weeks left so hes not to sure he wishes he could change it, but hes open to it and ready to see what its like. Were crossing our fingers good! lol whats your airmens job? i dont think we ever talked about that.<br />
<br />
hi Tonya :) awww! congratulations :) how exciting!<br />
Stevens based at Columbus AFB in Mississippi! what about your airmen? <br />
yes, im going with him! im nervous and so excited at the same time! its gonna be weird I've lived in California my whole life. Are you gonna be going with him?

Im BreYana and Im no where near getting married. I dont even have a ring yet :( My bf is only in his 3rd week of tech school and is going into avionics. As of now I am waiting got a phone call since I got angry with him on Sunday and haven't heard from him since....<br />
<br />
Yeah Im pretty boring sorry. lol

HI! I'm Tonya!! That's so exciting!! Me and Dan are getting married May 28! I'm in the process of wedding planning now!! It's crazy but so fun! Where is Steven based at? Will you be moving with him?

Rebven! How are you? Ahh youre gettting married! Next weekend! Congratulations! I remember when we were messaging back and forth about SF. Is Steven enjoying his job?