Well Girls........ I Did It

I sent Chris' roommate another text asking him to tell my man that I'm sorry for what I did Sunday and also to tell him Happy Valentine's Day. ~Sigh~ that was hard. I really didn't want to bother his roommate again. Now all that's left for me to do this 3 day weekend is wait....


Wish me luck girls, I think I'm going to need it.

KiyarameruGeisha KiyarameruGeisha
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11 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Lol yes i usually had some go through this stuff for me. I cant wait until i start working. yeah i write in any mood too. <br />
<br />
I'll be sure to keep you updated. ^_^

Ouch. I never understood sim cards. I've never had to use one. They sound like a pain though. And yes writing is good! I write like craaazy when I'm.. well.. in any mood. Haha

Youre right. I know one day were gonna laugh this off. ^)^ Im going to do my best to keep myself busy. I was trying to import music from my mom's computer into my NEW CELL PHONE but I dont have a sim card yet, meaning I cant do ANYTHING until i get a sim card...until i get a job, boo. lol i guess im going to write some stories to pass the time.

I know, I'm once again in a grumpy I hate Valentines Day mood like every year. But I know eventually something will happen to make up for all this fuss we have to go through and we'll laugh and be like, "Remember when I was freaking out about [insert thing here]" And feel silly for worrying about it. We can be strong and be patient together! lol

Im glad to know im not the only one Allie. Everyone i know is getting ready to go get and or do something for valentines day while im waiting for one measly phone call. the last time we talked he said the latest he'd get his phone problem situated was this weekend and frankly this weekend is taking too long. Darn my lack of patience. off to do more waiting. lol.

Ahaha, that's been me this past week. I think we all know the feeling. And I've set both my phones to vibrate and then ringing so I jump every time I hear something vibrate. And it always happens to be the girl in the room next to me's phone. Damn her. But I'm sure you'll hear from him by time the weekends over. I'm sure of it.

Thanks everyone!! I just feel like such a loser for sitting here by the phone jumping every time it rings and wanting to cry when its not him. Im hoping that I hear from him tonight because he has saturday's off. *fingers crossed while praying at the same time* lol.

I'M almost positive he will call..don't worry. :) I'm sure he knows you still love him dear. I hope everything works out for you guys!!

You will be feeling better soon hunni! no worries =)

Awww keep your head up! I've had to do the same thing many of times to get a hold of my guy, it is annoying but generally gets the job done. Hope everything works out for you!!! Good luck!

good! you always want to do as much as you can, so no matter what you look back and know you tried. Guys can be so stubborn sometimes! <br />
I know the waiting sucks, space is best cool off tho huh<br />
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goood luck :) Itll be okay