Hoping It Gets Better

Hey. so my boyfriend left for BMT in Lackland, TX on February 2nd. And i am pretty sure this is the harest thing ive ever had to do. I love him so much, and im so scared that the time apart will make him forget me for some reason. I feel like my letters are completely retarded. and its so hard to get motivated to stay busy... because i feel kind of lost without him. which is really sad and pathetic!! But This gets better right?? When do the guys usually get to start writing letters?

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My bf left on 3/23/10 and will be graduating 5/28/10. It was def hard for the first couple of weeks til i got a letter from him and ever since then, i've been write him letters almost everday. i've only gotten two letter from him and i haven't heard from him since i wrote him. i hope he's ok and i hope his feelings for me hasnt changed. i try to stay positive and keep telling myself that he hasn't had the chance to write back b/c he's been busy. either way it'll be over before u know it. so keep ur head up :-)

Hi, ism new to this site and I know exactly how you feel. My boyfriend left for basic training for the air force March 23rd. Its been really rough for me and I miss him so much. I just got his mailing address today and I feel horrible because its been a week and I haven't been able to send him anything. I'm struggling on what to write him because I'm worried my letter might sound stupid too.

I got a call from my boyfriend yesterday! It lasted about a minute long. He didn't call from his cell phone so I almost didn't answer at first. He told me he has recieved one letter but that he wants me to write everyday!

Hey, I am new to this site. I found it yesterday and have found it very helpful. My boyfriend left for basic on February 9 as well. It has been very hard but I try to write every other day. My letters are really dumb and I feel like they are extremely random. I just tell him about TV shows we used to watch and a little about my days.

i was just wondering if he called to give you his address or how that works. My boyfriend left on feb 9th and i have yet to get a call or any letters. It feels alot longer than a week. i thought i would get a call on sunday, but i didnt. what should i expect? will i be hearing from him soon? i know every case is diffferent i just need any info to help me through this.

lol, yeah they arent in the same Squadron or flight...but at least we are in the same time period!!! lol Richard is in 324th Squardon and I believe his flight is 247!

yeah my boyfiend left 2 weeks ago. ghurl i know how u feel.. i miss mine too. i just got 2 letters from since he got there and im sad. :( oh yeah i messed up with his address too i put SLT instead of FLT

It's "FLT" lol But no worries! Your letters will still get to him. But just for future reference :) I completely slaughtered my boyfriend's address when he was in bmt. I had, "326 GRS/FLT 079" and then "Grutener St" lol<br />
<br />
the "323 TRS" means he's in the 323rd training squadron and the "FLT 224" means he's in flight 224 :)

Oh and Unit 36 9559 =)

Gosh ladies thank you so much!! I cant tell you how much it means to me to have this group! <br />
I have his address =) and ive been writting 1-2 times a day! And ive been writing alot about how much i miss him and how hard this has been.. yikes. ill avoid that. <br />
NIKnik im not sure what his flight and squadron are... that part of his address is <br />
323 TRS/SLT 224 Dorm A2 <br />
Does that help??<br />
Thanks again ladies! you are all so amazing!

I'm new to all of this too. My guy left on Feb 9th. I know exactly how you feel. I just joined today and I love this place already. Everyone is so understanding and there for you and I'll be here for you too! =)

I started getting things in week 3. And DEFINITELY write him every single day if you can. You man will LOVE the letters. My airman doesn't get excited about much but he says he loved my letters, they made him feel like he never left home and that he literally waited everyday for a letter from me!! ^_^ Be sure to tell him everything. When you woke up, what work/school were like, what you eat, when you went to sleep, EVERYTHING. He will appreciate it so much. You can get your mans address in three way. By getting a postcard (that he pis parents will have soon so you can ask them) by call the lackland office or by emailing the lackland office. <br />
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Welcome to the group!!

Hi dear! Welcome to the group! :) IT DEFINATELY DOES GET EASIER..trust me..and I know what you mean about being motivated to do something because Joey is my best friend in the whole world and when he first left I felt TOTALLY lost..But by him being gone it's made me reach out to people that I haven't really connected with in a long time..which has been really great for me. Plus through his leaving i've met these wonderful girls on here who have helped me out SO much. It's a BIG adjustment but it will get easier for sure. :) Alot of the girls say they get letters around week 3-4. I got mine earlier than that. It really just depends on how strict the TI's are. Oh, and trust me..I felt like my letters sounded stupid but they really do mean alot to your man. I've gotten countless letters saying please keep writing me they're the only thing keeping me alive through this.So keep writing!! haha I actually just read a letter that I wrote last night and I swear I used the word baby 23848902849028+ times without even realizing it lol so no worries we all ramble, repeat stuff..spell things wrong, he'll love them no matter what. :) We're all here for you if you need anything!

Hey!!! It does get better. By the third week you will get the hang of things and before you know it you will be packing your bags to go down there! I received my first letter from him 10 days after he left. In total I got 18 letters and 4 phone calls. I wrote him everyday and he LOVED it! My letters were silly too. I started to not know what to say by like the 4th day in but I would write him about our memories together, my life goals, our life goals, and just silly things like that. Have you tried making a countdown till when he graduates? That picked my spirts up a lot! Try to do something new each week. For me, I started cooking random food that I generally would never eat. I learned to cook thai and mexican and its something that me and my guy can share together when hes home!! Good luck girlie! and hang in there! message me if you have any questions!

Heyy hun, Richard left on the 2nd of February as well. I felt like my world was completely over!!! But with this week 2 just about over, Im feeling better. I have had a few sad moments (like last night) or a day I just didnt want to get out of bed. Ive literally sent about eight letters and a card since Monday when I got his address. I write him every nite. Writing has helped me soo much. Its like Im releasing all the feelings that I have let go all the feelings that are built up! I talk about EVERYTHING in my letters. I count down days, reality tv shows, talk about our parents, my friends, etc. && It helps out alot! What is his Squadron && Flight?? That would be great if they were together lol. But you have to talk daily...I know EXACTLY (like Deevon said...it helps knowing someone is going through what your going through, when your going through it)how your feeling! Ive been on this site for two weeks and I feel soo close to the girls on here, they are amazing.

Hey :) It DOES get better! Especially once you start hearing back from him which will probably be around week 3. Thats what it was for me and a lot of the other girls on here too. You don't sound dumb in your letters! I rambled about random stuff in my letters and my boyfriend LOVED them! Every time I talked to him he told me that my letters were the only things getting him through bmt. He's in tech school now and he still reads them. Especially when he's stressed out. Try not to talk about how much you miss him and how hard this is for you. He misses you too and I promise its 10 times harder for him. Focus on things not military. I would write pages about how my day went. I started baking A LOT and i would tell him about that. I also sent him college football scores lol He lived for those. Anything to distract him from the fact that he's in basic training. And, of course, encourage him and tell him you're proud and that he can get through this. WRITE EVERYDAY! Bmt is all a mind game. Try to stay busy so you don't focus on how much you miss him. Im a full time medical major, so school kept me pretty busy. But halfway through Nick's bmt winter break hit! And I was stuck without my guy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years. It took a lot, but I dragged myself out of the house and did something more productive. I painted my room, started scrapbooking, worked out. And of course, talk to these girls. These girls are amazing, you're going to create huge bonds with them and they'll help you through anything :) There are a ton of girls on here whose men left the same day yours did. Which means they'll be graduating at the same time! Talk to them. It helps a lot. I met a few girls whose boyfriends and husbands graduated with Nick and it helped a lot to know someone who was going through what I was going through WHEN I was going through it. <br />
<br />
Blah I rambled. I tend to ramble a lot. Ha. Let me know if you have any questions. And welcome to the group :) It gets better!