Valentines Day Present!!!!!! Xd

Just got the Valentine's day present Joey called me about last Saturday!..yesterday! I knew that 2 of them were cards, so I was gonna save them until Sunday..but I just couldn't wait! He also sent me two letters to go along with them so I started with those first. The first one was really sweet and pretty much just said he loved me and missed me and would be thinking about me and was sorry he couldn't spend Valentines day with me..The second one Talked about how he knew i was "THE one" and that he never wanted to get married before I came along, but now all he thinks about is being with me for the rest of his life :). That's what started to get me right there..I made it through ALMOST the whole thing and then at the bottom..he said that he was gonna go to bed so that he could be with me tonight (which, dreaming about each other is our little way of getting to spend time with each other while we're away..kind of cheesy but I seriously melted right there.) I weeped like a small child. It was the SWEETEST thing ANYONE has ever said to me. I was crying laughing..Everything! It was kinda funny. He told me he was writing these quotes in his head about me since he gets so bored sometimes haha and at the very very bottom it said " Our love is a miracle..We were meant for each other..God sent you to me to change my life.and to show me that your love-real love- makes all the difference" That sealed the deal. I cried for like 5 minutes before I could compose myself and move on to the They were both beautiful! The second one that I opened however..contained a 50 dollar gift card :D which was super sweet! (I also don't know where he could possibly get a gift card at BMT but who knows) at the bottom it said just a little something for you to go spend since I can't be there :) and then on the side it said and YES, you do deserve two cards :)..little does he already know that just the cards and letters were the BEST gift he could have EVER given me. He's my miracle. I needed that like crazy cause i've been seriously missing him lately and becoming anxious with graduation 14 days away. Said he has more base liberty 7th and 8th week so I guess that means more phone calls! Seriously the best gift i've ever gotten in my life. Sorry, I tend to ramble a little..but the first thing I thought was..I just have to tell my EP ladies :D. Love you all!

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omg i really almost just cried for you that is SO AMAZING. these girls around me are like la la la we're going to dinner and he bought me this and that and i'm like i got a card and it probably means more to me than any of that stuff will ever mean to you so i am happy :) your man sounds soooo sweet aw :):):):):):)

Oh my gosh that is so sweet!!! I'm happy for you!

I know right?! It's such a relief to know there are girls out there like me and who can help me out whenever I have questions and actually know what i'm going through and are going through the same thing. It's wonderful!

Yes we understand completly!=) i love coming on here and venting to you guys and tell you guys things because you are the ones who really understand! We love you Too!!

Thanks Guys! So glad I have you girls to share that with because other people are like got cards..and letters..that's nice. They just don't understand how much that means..But you do! love you guyss

That was so adorable :) I'm way happy for you girl!

this is the cutest thing ever!! Congraulations!!

Thank you!! He is SO sweet :) I just had to share that with you guys! Love all of you!!

I'll say the same thing I said on facebook. LUCKY!!!! :P

That is so so sweet!!!

Awww congrats!!! My heart was dropping just reading what he was saying girl! Im sooo happy for you =)

I know!! I usually don't cry about stuff like that but ever since he left for Basic I've just been a total mess of emotions haha..but I love it. Thanks!! I'm praying that I get some more phone calls. :) That would just make my day.

Awww that is so sweet of him! I am so happy for you! I love the way our boys letters can make us cry/laugh at the same time!! Fingers crossed that you get more calls.