My Boyfriend Just Left For Bmt And I'm Lost!

Rocky and I have been dating for 4 whole years and on every single one of those days we communicated in someway (txt, phone call, in person). He even lived with me for the past year. Now he's gone and I feel so lost. He arrived at Lackland AFB on Feb 9th.   I've been writing letters to him everyday but I can't send them to him because I don't have his address yet. I don't even know when I'm supposed to receive his address. I miss him so much. I don't know what to do anymore.

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hey my guy left on the 9th also! i still havent gotten a call or anything from him. i'm feeling pretty desperate. i'm new to the site, add me! do you know when graduation is? i know nothing!

my boy left on feb. 2nd.. and its starting to get easier. and I got his address a week ago! so it should be soon! hang in there darling!! we will make it!

Hey Renee, I'm Becca! Looks like the other girls pretty much covered it :) BMT won't be easy for either of you, but once you get past the first couple of weeks, things will get soooo much easier! We're all here for you. You can do this! Just focus on writing to him and keeping busy and time will start flying by. :)

Hi Renee, I'm Timmi ( Yeah its a boys name haha) but my boyfriend is almost through basic now but I know how you feel about being totally lost without him! Me and Joey were just rekindling our relationship before he left but dated for a year and a half before that and we talked every single day too. Even when we weren't together we were best friends. But I was like you. Trust me you feel SO much better after you get to send letters.. even better when you get them back :) I think devon covered everything you need to know about sending/receiving adressses and letters. Just hang in there. If you ever need anything all of us have either been or are currently going through alot of what your feeling right now. It's really tough at first but it does get better and there are people here (including myself) that will answer your questions, and allow you to vent, but who you can also tell about your experiences because many people don't understand that a letter means everything whenevr you have no means of communication, but we do :) Feel free to ask anything post what your feeling..the works we'll all be here for you!

Hey Renee! I am rachel.. My boyfriend Tony is about to go into his 6th week of BMt.. He also signed a open Mechanical contract. Just be ready because tony still doesn't know what he is going to be doing.. and he said he wont' find out untill graduation week. Which really sucks because its a lot of waiting. he just wrote me today saying that his Ti said that 90 percent of his flight will be going to war by 6 months after they are done with Tech school. I am sorry ia m not trying to scare you! But i promise you it gets easier. The first two weeks are kinda bad.. well they were for me.. but after you get your first letter you will be on cloud nine for days! I promise things will get better.. and devon is right the girls on here are amazing.. they have been helping me out a lot while tony has been gone away. They understand better than most people do becasue were all in the same boat. So hang in there.. IF you need anything I am here=)

He went in for "open mechanical" I think he'll chose his job when he's in BMT

Hey Renee, I'm Devon :) The girls here are amazing! They helped me soooooo much while Nick was in bmt. You're definitely in the right place! What job is your guy going for?

Thank you so much! I feel better already. I am also very happy I can talk to people who understand what I'm going through! My name's Renee btw. :)

Hey! Hang in there! You should be either getting an address call or a postcard. If nothing comes by monday you may want to call the reception center. They can give you his address too! The first couple weeks are the hardest. I got my call the second night but some girls went about 2 weeks. It will come soon! Everyone experiences that lost feeling. I have lived with my bf for 2 years before he left and our house just felt empty. It was really hard but we made it though! Hang in there! Message me if you have any questions!

Hey :) It'll all get easier I promise :) You can get his address in one of three ways. The most common is a phone call. Its super short, obviously scripted, and supervised. So if he seems kind of distant and doesnt tell you he loves you at the end (which is what freaks a lot of girls out) dont panic. He's actually not allowed to say anything other than whats on the paper. You should get that call within the first week. I got mine the third day my boyfriend was there.<br />
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Another way is by a postcard. They may or may not send this. I got this the second week Nick (my boyfriend) was there. <br />
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Another way, which is good for if you're desperate to send them out, is by calling the bmt reception center. The number for that is (210) 671-3024. If you call here and give them your Airman's name, they'll give you his address. But I would just wait to see if he calls you. Or check with his parents to see if they've heard from him.<br />
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He should be able to start writing back around week 3. But it all depends on his TI (Training Instructor) Some are really strict and won't let the boys write letters very often. But he'll find a way. Nick's TI was strict so he started writing letters in corners and sneaking them to me lol<br />
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Keep yourself busy! Thats the best advice I have for you at this point. The first and second weeks are really really hard for us girlfriends, but it gets easier to deal with! Just remember that he is ALWAYS thinking about you! So send him lots of encouraging, loving, positive letters! Nick swears my letters were the only things that got him through basic. He is in tech school and still reads them. Especially when he's stressed out. Keep your head up :) Let me know if you have any other questions. And welcome to the group!