It Seems Like I Can Never Be Happy.

I'll just start from the begining... Last week, on Feb 4th to be exact, marked our 4th year anniversary. It was great! Rocky took me to watch Dear John and we went out to eat and before all that we took our very first professional pictures together. It was a day to remember! Well 5 days later he left for BMT.  I'm still pretty messed up about it but talking to some of the girls on here and reading their stories made me feel alot better. The happy feeling stuck with me all this morning too, especially since today is the day I was able to pick up our pictures that we took. I even called Rocky's sister and invited her to come along with me to get them. (which even surprised me because I never really talked to her that much out of school) But as I was getting ready I heard the phone ring and I heard my mom say Rocky's name. I rushed in the living room to find out what the call was about and she told me it was the picture people saying our pictures are stuck in Texas due to bad weather and they don't know when they'll get here. It felt like a punch in the gut. My friends would say "Oh well it's just pictures, you'll get them soon" but they don't understand how much I was looking forward to those pictures. It may sound corny and pathetic but I believed having those in my hand would sorta bring a part of him back to me. Now I don't know when I'll get the pictures.


On a lighter note, his sister still wants to hang out today. I'm hoping it won't be that awkward and it'll keep me busy like you girls said I should do. We're going to go shopping for a Valentines Day cards to send Rocky when we get his address. Do you think his TI will give him a hard time if I send him one of those cards that can record my voice? I think he'd like that but I don't want him to get yelled at anymore than he has to. Well sorry for rambling on about the stupid pictures.


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Im sorry about your pictures :( This sucky weather is messing up everyone everywhere. I hope you get them soon! And then share at least one of them with all of us? :) About the recordable card though, like Allie said, I wouldnt do it...I'd just stick with a traditional card. He might not get into trouble for it.....but he would get a lot of crap about it. If you're bent on sending it though, I would wait until after you start having communication with him and ask him how strict his TI is and ask if it would be okay if you sent something like that. Bmt is sucky when it comes to what you can and cant send. But maybe when you get your pictures back, if some of them arent too big, you could stick one in with the card. I bet you he'd absolutely LOVE that. Im so happy to see you're staying positive and making an effort to get out! You're definitely holding up a lot better than most girls, me included lol I was a hot mess when Nick left for bmt. Your positive vibes will transfer into your letter writing and it will help him SO much!

i thought that was the case. thanks for the advice.

Yes, they WILL give him a hard time if you send anything with noise. I don't suggest you do so. Even though he probably would like it, but he'll get tons of crap for it. And it's right at the beginning and that might make things really bad for him. You can show how much you love him with a really sweet letter saying how much you care about him and can't wait to see his amazing self in two months. Just write down your feelings. It'll mean so much more than a crazy card because he'll know you too a lot of time and effort to write it. Stick it in a cute but not over the top Valentines Day card. He'll love it. :)