Valentines Day And Letter Advice.

Hey girls,

I just wanted to vent with yall about how all my girl friends are talking about their cute valentines day plans and ill be cuddled up with a chick flick, bottle of wine and my letters :( I know you guys understand.  It SUCKS haha but also i want to send my boy a cute good luck card for his final weeks cause i think they take a lot of tests and stuff. correct me if im wrong?  I dont want him to get made fun of though if its kinda cutsy.  Do TIs read their mail? should i just send a note on notebook paper instead?

caro1234 caro1234
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

ahh ok im glad u said something about the envelope cause it is blue patterned on the back! thanks girl! goood luck tomorrow and no we are all in the same boat :(

I sent my guy a super cute card during his final week! He loved it! TIs don't read their mail and yesss the other gusy def get jealous! Just make sure the envelope is white and try not to write anything on it other than his and your address. Thats what I did and he never got in trouble!<br />
Oh and TOTALLY with you on the letters and wine for valentines day! haha! Hopefully you get a phone call!

A card would be good! I wish I thought of that while my boyfriend was in basic. As far as I know, no one reads they're mail. I'm sure other guys will see it, and they'll probably be jealous wishing they had a girl back home sending them nice things. I think he'll enjoy it :)