how the hell do i get along with a nuts little sister when she thinks it's ok to be a ***** to me all the time for no reason! i don't want to say anything back or start anything because in about 12 days i will be sitting on a flight and sharing a hotel room with her and her family at bmt graduation. i get **** for not "trying" to hang out with her or coming over but i have tried! i told one of her friends the other day that yeah shawnie and i are good we hang out! she's like well chels all you did was take me to a movie and then we went to eat. ok...ouch? sorry for thinking we were friends. and hello it goes both ways. she never EVER asks me to hang out. this weekend is for christopher i want no tension but i feel like i haven't done anything to make this girl be all freaky towards me. and their a super tight family so if one person has something bad to say then they all start being like OMG.

just another vent ya know. Feb. 25th can't come soon enough.

it sucks because i know how important it is to him that i get along with his fam. :/

aaaaand these last 2 weeks are DRAGGING seriously! but I did get 11 minutes and 23 seconds on the phone with him today. longest I have everr had in the past 2 months :) he said beast was sweet! goober.

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Aww girl im sooo happy for you =)<br />
Graduation is amazing its gna be one of<br />
the most amazing memories ever =)<br />
An about the sister she may have been really close <br />
with her brother (ur bf) and she may feel like your taking<br />
him from her ya kno?<br />
Im sure she will warm up to you u kno how girls get unfortunately with eachother sometimes =(<br />
But try to include her a lot when u go to the graduation and maybe u should try to talk to her... <br />
And tell her u wana be friends and ask her why shes soo tense with u...<br />
Just communicate i think thats ur best bet =)<br />
well hope everything works out =)

Awe! I Know how it is trying to get along with a sister that does that Stuff. BUt it will all work out i am sure of it. Just stay postitive! You got a phone call today!!!! I was hoping a would have gotten one from tony today.. but in his letter he sent me he said his flight was dragging their feett one day and they had to to push ups after push ups! I felt bad.. He said his muscles are not going to ever be the same again.. Lol! But anyways 2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's it!! Tony is about to be going into BEAST next week! i think he is excited to be honest with you.. BUt then again he loves doing things like that. dON'T WORRY about his family... just explain to him how you feel and he should understand.. at least you have made a effort.. Shoot it try to talk to tony's family at least twice a week.. and i try to go over to see them once a week.. Tony has a little nephew well its really OUR nephew.. so i try to go over and see him as much as i can! You must be getting so excited!!