Thanks Girls

So girls i just wanted to let you know that i have decided not to do what everyone was telling me, and to keep writing tony like i have been writing him. I actually went to walmart today and made a photo book so i can send it to him when he gets into Tech school! I Didn't think i was going to really put up a wall, and shut him out anyways. I am not like that.. i am actually a very kind person. Lol.. I couldn't have done it without you guys being here for me to vent to, and to come to when i need help! You girls are truly amazing, and I am so happy i found this site, this group. SO many of us know what it is like to go through our guys being away all the time. i love all my friends and my family but you girls are the ones who understand the most! Thank you girls for always being there.

O i forgot to say, I decided to not even bother with that girl anymore. I just think that if she can't get along with me, then sooner of later she will not be in tony and I's lives. I have burned alot of bridges to be with tony, and I was really mad about it at first but now I look back on it and i am really glad i did in a way. Because i feel liek me and tony's realationship is so much stronger, and there is minimal drama. So thats the decision i made about that.

aNYWAYS, thank you all so much for being there! I know that you girls will always be there no matter what, even if years go by! I believe that i found some lifelong friends (even if we have not met). Happy Early Valentines day girls!!! hopefully we will hear from our guys tomorrow. Good night ladies! I love you all!

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Happy valentines day to you too!=) I seriously think i will stay in touch with a lot of you guys as the years go by=)

Awh! I'm so glad that we can be there for you! I hope that we all can stay in touch as years go by!! I hope that you get a call! :) You just never know.. We love yahh too. Happy Valentines Day.

Thank you I hope i do too.. BUt since his flight has been so bad this week i am thinking a won't get one.. BUt I got my fingers crossed thats for sure.

^_^ So glad we could be here to support you!! Remember youre not going through this alone. I hope you get a call for V day!