Uh Oh!

So I've been reading on here.. and I've  been learning a lot. and.. I think I might have made some pretty bad mistakes. Ryan's grandma bought me some really bright stationary.. and i just read somewhere that bright envelopes are not good.. Also I've already written about 15 letters. and at least 6 of them were all about me.. how much i missed him, how sad i was and how hard this was. Because at the time, it was all i could think to say.

Is this really as bad as i think?! yikes! I'm really nervous that i might have made him more stressed out or even gotten him in trouble.

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Oh no! no countdowns either!!! yikes! how on earth are we supposed to know all these random rules! <br />
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Thanks so much for all your comments ladies! I am getting much better as staying positive this week. Its getting easier. I started writing quotes and olympic metalists and such last night. also i have been writing down bible verses on strength. And.. I'm hoping those will help =) We're both christians..so i know that it will be meaningful to him! <br />
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and since apparently i cant do countdowns anymore... 44 days to go!! haha

OH NO : O I sent a valentines day card in a red envelope..oops lol. Well, I talked to him yesterday and he said that he got it and loved it, so I assume it was okay. But yeah Try not to send anything that will attract too much attention. and Don't worry about the letters you've already sent..just try to keep all the ones from now on positive and happy. He's really going through a mentally tiring and physically tired right now so he just wants to lean on you for support and positive thoughts! :) Trust me, I was heartbroken whenever Joey left for Basic and I did the same thing you did in the first couple letters..but just be strong for him even if you feel like breaking. It'll get easier I promise.

Lol sorry i didn't know they could get into trouble for decorating the outside of the envelop! ... Opps... Sorry Devon. Lol... I am still learning too. The other girls are right.. you need to send lots of pictures.. shoot i even colored tony some just a couple days ago! Keep your head up! if you need anything don't hesitate to ask

they make them do pushups and stuff like that. i did hearts all over the envelopes and had already sent like 50 before i found out you couldnt. steven told me it was worth it tho and he it made him smile lol i wouldnt worry to about it he probably doesnt mind id just send white ones from here on out.<br />
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and as far as the miss you, i know you dont want them to feel bad for leaving but do express you do miss him like i think itll hurt more if it comes across you dont miss him. and the strong connection between the two of you will come out! so i think its fine, id try to keep it positive like i miss you so much, i cant wait to be back in your arms :) <br />
its okay tho i mean you should get out how you feel! <br />
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and doodle and decorate the inside, i always color coded it in me and stevens favorite colors and i would always include cute air force and love quotes and those always made him smile and his wingman always wanted to look at them.. just the outside really has to be plain, and no countdays of days that against the rules too lol

Yeah bright is not too good it'll bring too much attention to your man....just get white envelopes. And talking about how sad you are, I did it too. I think its good to tell him how your feeling but do your best to stay positive in MOST of the letters. He knows this is hard for you too so all of the letters cant be extremely happy. <br />
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Good Luck!!

I love the origami idea!! So cute! Like I said, as long as the envelope is plain you should be okay. That way, it wont attract TI attention and he'll be able to go sit in a corner by himself and read them ^_^

I sometimes have a hard time staying positive too but Devon gave alot of great advice and I might use some of what she said. lol. But yea I'm thinking about folding my letters into little origami things before I put it in the envelope. At the begining of our relationship we had fun trying to fold little hearts and things like that. I'm hoping he won't get made fun of for it.

Yeah....the bright envelopes is not a good idea....and i wouldnt decorate the envelopes like usafbabe said either. Im talking to my boyfriend at the moment and he said thats probably not a good idea either. i would keep the outside of the envelopes as plain as possible. White envelope, no writing except for the address. That way it wont attract any attention from the TI and they'll have no reason to open and read them. However, you could probably get away with bright paper and doodles and whatnot. I always drew and colored on Nick's letters. On Thanksgiving, I traced my hand and made it into a turkey like we all did back in elementary school. Lol. It made him laugh which were always the goals of my letters. I know its really really hard, especially during the first week or two, but try to stay positive! Believe me, the poor guy doesnt want to hear about how miserable his girlfriend is back home. Like usafbabe said, what he's going through is a lot worse and he's going to be looking to you for support and encouragement. Now, Im not saying dont say you miss him at all, because he's also looking for the reassurance that you're waiting for him back home. Its just a matter of balancing the two. Like, "I miss you babe, but I know you're doing amazing things and Im so proud of you!" Or, "Remember when we would ________ I miss that, but Im super excited to be able to do it again!" Write him lyrics from songs you two used to listen together or say silly things that'll make me laugh. Nick's favorite was, "I miss you I miss you I wish I could kiss youuuuu" Lol He said he'd chant that over and over in his head while he ran and it helped a lot. Include inside jokes too. It'll remind him of home and home thoughts are good thoughts. I dunno. Im just trying to give you ideas lol <br />
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You can also stick things in the envelopes. PICTURES! Send him lots of pictures! They go crazy over those. I also sent Nick college football scores and rankings. His bunkmates loved me for that lol Basically, if its on paper, its probably okay to send. And if you feel hesitant about something, play it safe and dont send it. Or just ask us! :) <br />
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This is super long, sorry. I hope you're keeping your head up and staying positive! Time will fly! Nick is already in his second month of tech school and I have no idea where the time went.

Well, I heard bright envelops are really bad too... Try to jsut get white ones. I have been like decorating the backs of them with stickers and stuff, even though tony probably got made fun of for it. Try to make your letters mnore positive, i know that you miss him like crazy and your really sad that he is gone, but he is missing ymou too, and he is going through a really hard time too righ tnow. Trust me on this tony's first couple letters were kinda sad because he said the first 2 weeks were complete hell, but i kept on writing the most postitive things that i could think of. When i get down, i try to think about what tony is going through and then a realize he is going through a lot more rough stuff than me..like he is getting yelled at, having to drop and do push ups all the time. Send him a picture of yourself, send him quotes, lyrics, you can send him cards too. Now i have sent some kinda birght envelops for the cards and as far as i know tony has not gotten in trouble. but for sure with his letters i would just use white. I hope i kinda helped, sorry i tend to ramble. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask!=)