*screams* I Got My First Call!!!!!!!!

The airmen got 15 minutes to call people and tell them their address. Rocky got an extra 5 because he won the drill down in his flight! OMG words can't even describe how happy I am!! Rocky was crying the whole time which made me cry and I'm still crying! I miss him so much! He told me once he see's me he's going to tackle me. lol.  He said that his TI is pretty cool!! He might even get to call me every week! I am so overwhelmed with joy right now. He kept on saying how much he misses me and that he loves me so much. I hate that this is a Sunday though. I want to send all of the letters I wrote to him now!  and i just remember tomorrow is a holiday so the post office won't be open then either. Grr! I keep on replaying the phone call in my head over and over again. It was alot of crying and "i love you's". This day is such a happy day! My friend got married and I was suposed to go to her wedding but I didn't feel like it. I'm happy for her but I am so glad I stayed home! But the big bummer is that I gotta go to the movies with my dad in a few minutes. I don't want to! I just want to stay here and savor his voice! how can i sit still for 2 hours! ugh! well i gotta go. i love you girls and i love my airman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is just perfect!!!! like i said i was supposed to go to the wedding which started at 2pm and my dad wanted to see a movie today and we were about to go to the 3:30pm showing but we chose 4:50 instead (idk why, it just must have been fate) Rocky called at 3pm and like i described above it was amazing! When i was talking to him he said that he couldn't wait until he got my letters and I said "i am going to apologize before hand because some of the letters may make you sad and I really don't want to do that" and he started crying even harder and said "the only way they are going to make me sad is if you are going to break up with me" I say "Oh my god no! I just think they have way too many "i miss you" stuff and I don't want to make you miss me anymore than you already do" and he said "Nothing can make me miss you more than I do now baby!" omg it was just so sweet! but anyways after the movie I came home and my mom gave me a psp go (i've been wanting one since christmas) and right as I've begun to play with it there's a knock on my door and it's my best friends coming over to surprise me!! they said they didn't want me  to be alone on Valentine's Day. it was sorta awkward everytime i brought up rocky but they were happy for me and we talked and gossiped all night! everything just worked out perfectly!!!!

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I'm so happy for you! It's really good that his TI is cool, because let me tell you, when they have a jerky TI it's baaad! I got to talk to Nick on the phone only 2 times the 8 1/2 weeks he was gone, so you are very lucky!

YAY!!! Super happy for you! And wow! 15 minutes! Nick only got three minutes for his address call and he had to whisper that he loved me at the end so he wouldnt get in trouble. Glad to hear his TI is cool. That means lots letters and phone calls! :D