First Phone Call - Finally!

Almost a month and a half into BMT, I got my first phone call! He split up his time between his parents and me, so I got 3 minutes. It's funny cause I've told my friends about it, and they're all like, " was only 3 minutes?" ONLY 3 minutes? They have no idea what a huge deal 3 minutes is to me! Haha, I am so happy he called. Valentine's Day was sucking, seeing everyone in my building pick up their flower deliveries and ****, boyfriends visiting, all that... so it was awesome to get to talk to him. He said I should have gotten 2 more letters (I've only gotten 2) and he put 2 more in the mail today. He told me to talk to his parents about graduation, so I called them afterwards, and it looks like I'm definitely going! I was waiting to hear from him before I made any solid plans, so now that we've talked about it, I'll make my reservations this week. Yay! Only 2 and a half weeks to go! Looks like Valentine's Day doesn't suck after all!

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

OH YAY! That is Great I am so so happy for you! Sean is in the same flight as your guy and he said he knows him. The letters are coming all weird and out of Might be because of the snow.

Congratulations Girl!! I got my 2nd phone call tonight too!! What a great valentines day present!!! Hearing from our boys!! Its offically beast week! Tony is pretty excited about it.... how about your boy?!?? Yes yes yes for phone calls!!!

Yeay thats so exciting!I know people don't understand how short of a talk can really make your day just hearing from him. I'm so happy for you!=)