Facebook Drama Over =)

Hello =) Well as all of u read my last things Me and Leo werent doing to good =( We did break up for a few days and we argued those days of course but we officially got back together yesturday... It wasnt even hardly a break up....But anyway we are really good now =) He let me delete his facebook and i deleted mine....Sooo its all good.... We did have a little comment he left a girl on facebook but we r ok i guess on that...Its pretty much probably just one of those subjects thats always going to get on our nerves... But thanks to all of u tht helped =) it made me feel better =)

aprillynn92 aprillynn92
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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

thanks girls =)

That's so great!! I am so happy everything ended up working out for you guys!!

aww good!

Yay! I'm glad :) Hope everything works out for the two of you.