Best Valentines Day Ever!!!!

So Today i was really bumming because i was really missing tony a lot. My grandma made me cupcakes to make me feel better, afterI took my grandma home i went over to Tony's house to visit his family, and to give Our Nephew his valentines present. I was showing Tony's mom some Pictures i am going to send tony in his Graduation card and as soon as he gets to tech school. I baked his family cookies and they loved them and i just stayed over at his house for a while and talked with his parents, and played with our nephew. I left his house at like 9:40 and his dad always watches to make sure i get in my car ok.. and no one messes with me.. (tony kinda lives ina rough neighbor hood). Well i was driving and half way home my phone starts ringing and its a 337 number.... I about have a heart attack b/c i had just told his mom that we wouldn't be hearing from Tony for a while.... Well i picked it up and it was..... TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can not describe how i felt!! I have been having a rough couple days as many of you may know and Tony just totally made my whole night. He said he called his house first and they has said i had just left. and he said good because i really want to talk to her. He told me that he is making some friends but he mostly dislikes his flight.. lol. He told me that his one firned said that he can hang with his family and him graduation weekend. I asked him if he believe what his MTI said about marriage.. and he said No rachel i just thought it was funny and i wanted to se what you thought. I told him every day that he is gone i can't imagine my life without him in it.. and he said rachel that is not what is keeping me up at night.. he said rachel you know i can't imagine my life without you in it, but you should know that and not worry about that.. he said the things that are important and that keep him up at night are wondering what i am doing, if i am ok, if i am doing well, if i miss him. Man everything that i have said and the bad thoughts i have felt these past couple days are gone. I will never doubt Tony's love for me again! Girls he made my whole b=valentines day complete. I love him so much! He is almost done!! 2 weeks! Beasty week is this week! Tony is pretty excited!!

O after i got off the Phone with tony i called his mom to tell her what was said.. and she said rachel your like a daughter to me now... my favorite daughter! You are family!! Man i am on cloud nine for sure!! Sorry girls i just had to tell you guys!!

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aww that is sooo great! i am glad you got to hear from him on valentines day. =D & he sounds like such a great guy.. just keep strong your almost done..

Thank you girls! I couldn't be much happier right now! Chelchacha- yes i am part of the family... but she said i have been part of the family for a long time now.. BUt when she said that it just made my night even better! I love tony so much... I am still smiling!! Yes for phone calls on valentines day!

I am so happy for you! It's good that the doubts are over. I gotta say that the phone conversation sounded so sweet. Tony sounds like a great guy. Congrats!!! =D

That is so cool! yay!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am smiling so big for you right now! you are part of the family!!! :D