Woot Woot!!!! Ahhhh Ahhhhh Gooo Me =)

Ok Ok girlies...soo I really wish I could call all of you on a big three way call soo you all can just hear the excitment in my voice!!! (Deep breath) Okk let me tell you guys everything!


Soo..this weeked was just sooo hard. Being at home from school...it being Valentines Day...everything just sucked! Friday..I literally broke down crying and praying..I was just really having a hard time. But I just continued writing..which always makes me feel better. Saturday me and my bestfriend got a couple bottles of wine and had a good time..and then today I went shopping with my little sister and best friend. Everything was ok..but you know there was just something missing. After shopping I went over Richard's mother house and just sat with her for a few hours. It felt good just to be with her, because its like a piece of him. Soo later, I left to go back to school. Drove the two hours..and as soon as I was turning into my apartment complex my phone rang..and it said "Hubby" OMG I almost peed my pants...me and him were both screaming and just soo happy. My heart was racing sooo fast. Girls, he sound sooo good. Im just like baby i miss you like crazy omg omg omg omg. He like, baby I got all your letters, Im so happy to hear from you and read your letters...So we talked for about two minutes and he was like ok let me call my mom and Im going to call you write back and finish my 15 minutes on you. Soo he called like right back in two or three minutes. I swear it felt like we were on the phone for like a hour. It just felt sooo good. He is the element leader for his Flight. Im soo proud of him. We talked about how educated I am now on the airforce lol. but he told me he just mailed me like four letters and he got my Vday card. I swear my face was red the whole time...so at the end of his time he was making kissy noises and lovey dovey voices telling me he loves me soo much and I better not get emotional. Im like noo Im good now that I heard from you. Ohh yea lol, his little horny side came out and was when you come down here we have to do something..I feel like Im on a drought!! lol (blushing face) Hes like "Baby when we be at church I be having to look at the girls because I cant take it! lol..I be thinking like Niki is going to kill me but I have to look" lol I thought that was soo funny. But Richard is great you guys, thanks for helping me out these last couple of weeks. Im sooo much better now. (big smile)

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Thanks girls!!! Im still floating on cloud 9 (smile). <br />
I appreciate the support!!!

yah! Phone calls are the best! I am happy that you got to hear from him! Hopefully those letters get to you quickkk!

awww congratulations!!! :) awww im excited for you! lol i remember the feeling of phone calls like that!<br />
haha aww :)<br />
that is actually a really funny comment! lol

Thanks Girls! I knew you all would be happy for me!! I should be receiving my letters soon. =)

i am so happy for you and it seems like every one got calls today! whenever i'm sad and haven't talked to christopher in a while i go on here and stories like these make me feel 100000000x better because i am just so excited for you ah!!

Ahh this story made me smile lol SO happy for you!! I know I was on cloud nine for DAYS after I got phone calls. What an awesome Valentine's Day present!

Horray for a phone call!!! A lot of us are getting phone calls today!! I am so happy for you! Doesn't it feel so great to hear their voices?!? Tony called me too it was weird because it was right after i had left his house.. but it was so amazing to hear from tony!! Every doubt i had about tony and i is gone... I know that were in this for the long hall. I can't wait to be with him! That's funny what richard said about looking at girls.. Its ok to look i guess but no touching.. Lol.. Awe i am so happy for you!! Congratualations! HUgs!