I think christopher is going to kill me when he sees my hair. I just had a sudden urge! this isn't much of a story but ya know :) happy valentine's day everyone! I am so happy for all your phone calls. Yesterday I had mine and it was amazing and 11 min felt like an hour but today I have just been eating my feelings haha. 10 more days till I'm on my flight :) 11 more till I can hug my airman again for the first time in 2 months :D:D:D:D:D:D and 13 more till I hopefully get some action off of that town pass ha! we will have been together for almost 19 months when he finally gets to come home. wow

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OMG RED?! how does it looooook!!!!!! we are both going to be dead then haha i am natural blonde and chris is like chellllsssssss nO! every time i mention dying it

HAHA i did that same thing on valentines!! only i went from blonde to red. Ryan is going to kill me!!

lol, my hair has fell completely out before!! lol Sooo sad, due to coloring!! lol but Im staying a dark head now. Its more becoming =)

hahaha aw i've been blonde almost my whole life if i dyed mine all the time it would totally fall out. it's not very stong :(( haha i'm jealous of you! red and colors and dying it ahhh cute!!!

lol, I colored my hair too!!! I had a blonde/red streak in my hair and the rest was black...I called it my skunk lol..but now Im all the way black!! I love dark hair. Richard probably wont even notice, I change my hair soo much and he just doesnt understand lol he is such a loser =D

lol well i'm naturally pretty blonde when went light brown a while before but only for like a week but he's always like I love you blonde! ah and i went darker this time but whatever he will have to deal :) everyone needs to add me on facebook and tell me what they think! i am putting a picture up tomorrow :) chelsey weiler in vancouver wa

That's so weird I dyed my hair black this weekend! (: haha. I'm not going to even tell Jay it will be a surprise for his graduation. I hope you had a good valentines day girl!

I think christopher will like it a lot! I am so happy you get to see your airman so soon!! You must be so excited! I am sure your hair looks good! Change is a good thing=) Happy late valentines day to you too!=)

Ooh I wanna see! I love going dark once in a while it's a nice change :) and don't be silly I'm sure Christopher will think you look gorgeous!

okay deal :)

haha idk how to put them on here! we are friends on facebook i think i will send but you have to be honest! lol

I wana see pictures!!! Haha I'm sure it looks awesome.