My boyfriend was in a out a jobs to and no one was hiring bc of the economy. so we thought for us this would be best good benefits etc. i work with a girl who said when her boyfriend (which is now her husband) joined the army ..when we came home he wnted to be a single man bc he wasnt around girls and he wanted to do his own thing when he got home. im sooo afraid of that. My boyfriend is crazy about me now. but they say they change while at boot camp hopefully he doesnt change and not want to be with me??? in tech school they can have their phone and computer for facebook? is there any advice for me as a girlfriend whose boyfriend who is leaving for basic. my plan is to write him everyday and put a picture it one letter each week? is anyone else's boyfriend leaving MArch 15 for lackland AFB?

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Im in nursing school too.. and im glad you talked to him.. it know it helped me alot.. and im glad it helped you too.. =]

Ohh goodness..well you still have a month soo spend as much time. Try not to cry alot in front of him, that just makes things soo much harder. Get a new hobby that will occupy your time! He might start acting a little nuts before he leaves, just bare with him..

Ohh goodness..well you still have a month soo spend as much time. Try not to cry alot in front of him, that just makes things soo much harder. Get a new hobby that will occupy your time! He might start acting a little nuts before he leaves, just bare with him..

he forsure leaves march 15 thank yall for the comments.. we had a long talk tonight. i know forsure he loves me he wants nothing but to be able to provide for me and OUR family. we have plans after techto get married im in nursing school right now but in 1 year i plan to move with him. i hope the changes in him are pos. we went to see dear john last night and i cried and looked over and he had tears in his eye he grabbed my hand.. and all i could think about was how i dont want this time to end. i feel like we take every moment for granted. but im trying to work on that severely.... and about ending the silly fights gosh i hope that happens with us all our fights are SILLLY hah.. but i feel like i have his family my family and his friends as well as mine to be a shoulder to cry on and people i can talk to. i just hope basic flies by i cant wait to see him graduate. again thanks for the advice! and help its very reassuring :)

is he for sure leaving in march?

Hey, my boyfriend is week three, and I see a change in him already and its positive. Everyone, including the girls on this site say that when they change 9times out of 10 its for the good. You just have to be there for him and pray that things will remain the same or get better. Like Marie said, if you have a solid relationship then you should be fine. Like Deevon said, SPEND AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE before he leaves! I go to school two hours away from home and only have classes on tuesdays and I came home every thursday evening and went back monday afternoons. (I didnt let him know I was doing it exactly for him, but I was lol) & yes write all the time! Im sure most of the girls can agree that their boy has become their person diary lol mine sure has! && talk to us, we will get you through everything.

Hey girl, if you have a strong relationship theres nothing to worry about. If something like that bothers you talk to him about it. Don't let the things other people say get to you, thats what was happening to me and then I think about it and I know he loves me. If anything he will appreciate you much more, and miss you, I believe that your relationship will grow stronger. When hes laying in that bunk hes alone hes going to miss home and think about you. Write to him as often as possible he'll love to get your letters. If you have any questions I'm here :-)

My boyfriend has been out of basic and in tech school for a month now. Four more to go! Ive seen nothing but positive changes. He appreciates me A LOT more and talks to me as much as he possibly can. He's quick to end any silly arguments we might have and we always make sure we both go to bed happy with each other. We've definitely grown so much stronger from all of this and I cant see my life without him :) They can have their phones and computers at tech school, to answer that question. And YES! Write him everyday! I wrote Nick sometimes twice a day and he still tells me that the only way he got through basic was my letters. My advice for you now is to just spend as much time as possible with him before he leaves. You'll be thankful for that extra time together once he's gone. You still have a little while, so make the most of it! I wont go into too much crazy detail, since he hasnt left yet. If you browse through and read some of the stories on here, I guarantee it'll answer any questions you might have. But dont hesitate to ask me if you have any more :) Welcome to the group!

Well im going to say that all of it does change the boys....<br />
But leo really didnt change till he got to his station after<br />
bootcamp and tech school...<br />
Like he use to be soo much more lovey and stuff<br />
but i think it makes them check into reality<br />
and makes them more independent<br />
and rely on there self mostly....<br />
There is going to be times when hes done that hes going to need time<br />
to get his head on straight and just calm down<br />
because it all becomes very stressful....<br />
but theres soo many good things that come out<br />
when u go through it all like the graduation an the reuniting etc.<br />
you just got to be understanding and strong for them...<br />
But we will be here to help you through it all girlie =)

my boyfriend leaves march 30th.. and just like you i was so nervous that he is going to change in boot camp.. but him and i discussed it and i feel alot better now.. just talk to him about it.. it will def ease your fears while hes gone..

Hey girl, I don't think you should worry about that at all. If you and your man have a solid relationship right now, then live in the now. Men can decide whether they want to be single or not at any time in their life, the military will not change that.<br />
If you are really worried, talk to him about it. Ask him what he wants in life and where he sees himself in the future and if you are a part of that future. I just joined this site last week, haven't told my story yet, but plan to soon. My man will be graduating bmt at lackland in 3 1/2 weeks!