30 More Days :)

Valentine's Day was good but definitely could have been better if he was home of course.  I just went to a party at my friend's apartment Saturday night and at 12:00AM I checked my phone and Scott had texted me at midnight exactly saying, "Happy Valentine's Day Babe! Miss you."   I thought it was really sweet of him, especially since he was out at the bar with the guys.  Sunday I got a phone call early from the florist making sure i'd be home in time for their delivery because it's too cold out to leave them on the steps.  I came home and got the prettiest flowers :)   The card is what made me cry tho. I think it just hit my that he was gone and how much I missed him.  He basically just said "Happy Valentine's Day Babe! I hope you like these flowers and enjoy your day. I wish I could be there to spend it with you. Look on the bright side, only 32 days until I'm home. I miss you. Love Scott"  So that made the first half of my day.  He mailed a card too but I haven't gotten it because he sent it on Wednesday but it must not have been enough time.  Maybe tomorrow I will get it.  Better late than never :) So for the rest of the day, I just relaxed and went to dinner with my mother.  All in all it was a good one, but I would've loved to have spent it with him.  30 more days until he graduates

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Thanks they smell so good too. Keepin my room smelling nice :)

Wow those flowers are so pretty. ^_^

Those are sooo pretty!! Watch these 30 days are going to fly by!

Those are pretty, I like the Vase.

Yeah it's the little things that matter most and that midnight text meant so much. I can't wait 30 more days and he'll be home. I just want to fast forward. Hopefully it flies by :) thanks girls

Those flowers are so pretty! That is so sweet of him to send you those and to even text you while he was out with the guys! Awe i am so happy for you!! Your almost done!!

OMG ! thats so sweet (:<br />
I like how even though he was out with the guys he made sure to txt you at exactly 12:00 !<br />
how cute. only one month left !