Keesler Address???

I have filled a couple of you in on what's going on but I will be more descriptive here. As you know on Valentine's Days I didn't get diddly squat. I was hurt and crying like crazy but somehow I pulled myself together to think. I decided to reach out to all his friends and family. And guess what? No one has heard from him in weeks! He least called me last week. He promised me he would and he did. He knows how I hate when he breaks a promise. So maybe I should consider myself lucky in some sense, i got to talk to Chris last week when no one else has. Plus I am still waiting for whatever it was he said he was going to send me for V day. Delivery takes like a week for some reason.


So heres the deal, I guess now i have to become Super AFGF and help him become able to communicate with the rest of his family. So at the moment he does not have a charger, the only reason why no one can talk to him. So what I have to do is find the exact brand of Nokia cell phone he has, find the charger needed for his phone, and send it to him. One problem, I don't know what his mailing address is. Can anyone please tell me how I would be able to find out Chris' Keelser mailing address?


Thank you so much ladies!!!!! I am feeling a lot better now. ^)^

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★♥ I DID get an address. I called Base and told them Chris' TRS was 332 since he is in avionics. They gave me the buildings address, the zip code, the City and told me I could just put his name on the top. <br />
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SO I DID IT!!!! YAY!!!! PLUS I found out what type of phone he had, bought a charger for it for only 5 dollars and that INCLUDES shipping and sent it to him so we can talk soon. Hopefully by the end of is week. So I accomplished EVERYTHING I wanted to today. <br />
<br />
And I can go back to sending letters and even more. Possibly packages. I live very close to a Post office luckily. ^_^<br />
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Thank you all for the advice! Again I couldn't have done this without you all!! I will continue to update!★♥<br />
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Im SUPER happy to see you're staying positive through all of this! Super AFGF to the rescue! But thats a tough one....I'd say call the base like for bmt..but I dont know if that would did Kristin get Tim's address? I cant remember if she got it from a family member or not. You could ask her? I wish I could help more! Good luck!

Hmm, I have David's Keesler address so I can help you with part of it put I guess you'd have to try calling the base for his actual dorm.<br />
<br />
Last Name, First Name<br />
Keesler AFB MS 39534<br />
<br />
I wish i could help more, I realllllllly hope you figure it out!