Long Distance And Being An Air Force Girlfriend Is Hard!

I first met my boyfriend in April of last year, on Facebook, SpeedDate application while he was deployed in Iraq. We spent 6 months getting to know each other online and fell in love before we finally met in person. When I received his phone call the night he got back, I screamed with joy and teared up a little. We've been dating since October, the first day I met him in person. He is stationed in Langley, VA and I am here in MD. We aren't too far from each other but with school for me and work for him, our schedules are so different and hard to see each other. My parents are not into me dating while I am in school and they think that "good guys dont join the military" and all men that return from the war will have PTSD (post tramadic stress disorder). Since I live at school but not on the weekends a lot because my parents are not trusting people, it is even harder for me to see him on the weekends when he has off. Everyone I know, knows about my boyfriend except for my parents. What should I do? and How do you ladies deal with the long distance situation?

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Gooberbel, wow! That's amazing 10 months?! <br />
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So I have another questions for you girls, how do you overcome huge jealousy issues?! There is this girl that Jacob (my boyfriend) met while he was deployed a week before he met me online. She lives in the Phillipines and she keeps trying to talk to Jacob. He knows that I don't like him talking to her and he ignores her emails and IMs but yet she still keeps trying to talk to him. He said he still wants to be friends with her. But this past weekend when I went to Langley AFB where he is stationed, he was at work on Friday and left me in his room, I found an email that she sent him, 3 days after Christmas, that consist of 2 pictures. One in which she was biting her finger, the whole innocent but naughty pic, and the other one was of her in her bra and underwear. I confronted him about the pictures and I understand that his cell phone is a touch screen so if it saved it saved by accident. He told me to delete that and he watched me delete her contact. When she sent him another IM on Sunday morning, I couldn't take it anymore and so I sent her a FB message asking if she could please stop trying to talk to my boyfriend and I would really appreciate that. Was what I did wrong?<br />
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I am really upset. How do you ladies deal with jealousy issues?

I met my boyfriend on SpeedDate too!! Except we only knew each other 3 days before meeting in person. But he lives 8hrs away and we've been doing the long distance thing for 10 months.

Yay! I hope you have a blast!

:) thank you, your advice is very helpful and made me smile :) tomorrow after work he is coming down and we are driving back up to VA so I can stay with him! i will definitely make this weekend a memorable one, just like all the other ones! :)

My boyfriend has trust issues toooooo lol Well, he did. We've been together for a year now. I trust him more than anyone and I know he feels the same way about me. But it wasnt like that in the beginning. Once again, patience is key. You just have to show him that you arent like her, by remaining faithful. It may take some time. But all good things take work. The fact that you're in a long distance relationship will be helpful for this. It'll show that, even though you're miles apart from each other, he's still the only one you want :)

yea, me and my boyfriend are 4 years apart, he will be 23 in May and I will be 19 in 2 weeks. So the age difference will also be an issue with my parents but I think you guys all have a point. My parents really just need to see how much he makes me happy and how much he means to me. <br />
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His first girlfriend cheated on him during basic and tech school. And they had been together for 3 years and after she had done that, he cant trust me fully, and he cant open up to me too much because of the incident with his first girlfriend. What can I do to show him I am not like her? He may say he don't compare me to her, but I know he does. :( <br />
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Thank you girls for your opinions and sharing your life experiences. <br />
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and thank you for welcoming me! :)

WElcome to the group hun!!!!

My boyfriend and I are 5 years apart. Which was a HUGE deal to my family. My parents hated him just because he was so much older and wanted nothing to do with him. Which killed me. I love my family and respect their opinion. But I was crazy about Nick and its just silly to base everything on age without even getting to know him. So I forced them to get to know him lol I couldnt go out with him? Okay, well he's going to spend hours over at my house then. I invited him to my horse shows, family bbq's, everythinggg. It forced my parents to be around him and to talk to him and get to know him. It took a few months but now my family L.O.V.E.S him. When he was home, he and my dad would go play paintball together on the weekends, and spend hours working on cars. My mom considers him to be one of her own and my brothers and sisters adore him. My mom and I went to see him graduate and she cried the whole time because she was so proud lol <br />
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You should have your parents meet him. Explain that he's not a bad guy, that you have a lot of feelings for him, and that you'd love for them to meet him at least once and give it chance. Chances are they'll see that he isnt at all a bad guy and that he makes you happy :)<br />
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As for the long distance, communication is key. Nick is so much more open about his feelings now that we're apart. We're quick to end any silly arguments and we only focus on the positive things about him being away (like the great future we're going to have, or how awesome its going to be to finally see each other again) rather than the negative things (like how lonely we both get) <br />
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Things like this take a lot of time and patience! But if its meant to be, it'll all work out in the end :) Good luck!

Hi, and thank you. I wish my parents would met him but they aren't as nice. I grew up really strict. I live in Pasadena but I am in Towson now for school. <br />
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I hope he gets stationed there too. :)

Hey, and welcome! I think your parents might warm up to the idea if they met him and got to know him a little bit. It seems like he's a good guy, so maybe if they got to know him, they'd feel better about it and cut you a little slack.<br />
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Where in MD do you live? I'm from the DC area too (grew up in MD and VA) but I'm in Chicago these days for school. I'd be sooo happy if my boyfriend got stationed at Langley! He's still in basic. I'm not getting my hopes up for VA though, but it would be awesome!