How Will He Know That He Has Mail?????

I'm sorry girls but this is just the worry wart in me. I'm am glad to say that I ordered Chris a charger for his cell phone and it is being shipped to him as we speak!! ^_^

And of course here comes the problem, the last time I talked to him he told me that he didn't even KNOW his mailbox number. So I am worried that the package will be small enough to put in his mailbox at it'll just be sitting there because he didn't give anyone his new address and I don't even think he checks his mailbox.

So whats going to happen when he gets a package, even a small one at Tech School (Keesler)? Will they let him know with like a note or something?

I'm worried that I did all this for nothing. :(

Thanks for your help!!

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Thanks for backing me up girls. But I have good news!!!! I'm so happy right now. I'll tel you all in a new story. ^_^

Yeah seriously. We helped you when you had no one else to ask with your situation, and this? I understand you're trying to give a guys point of view, I'll give you that, and while, if the circumstances of her situation were different and you KNEW that, maybe that would be true. But it's not. And it was really uncalled for. And I feel as though there was a bit of spite in that response. Lame.

bwasjla- That was SO uncalled for. Really? What are you doing in this group anyway? You're not an Air Force girlfriend. And if you're not supportive you sure as hell don't belong here.

Wow. Now its my turn to be harsh. What an a**hole thing to say. We were all here to give you advice when you having issues with your girl. And no one called you out when you so rudely said she was dead to you just because she was having a hard time adjusting. Doesnt it make sense for you to do the same for us? Yeah. Loosen up. She's worried, did a nice thing, and now she has a question. Quit being a jerk. <br />
Sorry if that was harsh. Ha.

They get their own mailbox in Lackland too. They will just stick a slip in there, and he takes that to go get his package if it doesnt fit. <br />
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Not to be rude or anything. But, have you ever thought he doesnt want to contact anyone?? To me it seems like he never really calls you, so he makes an excuse about the charger. How hard is it to write a letter, or buy a phone card or use a pay phone?? Not sure what phase he is in, but he could have bought it himself. <br />
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Im sure his roommate is tired of you texting, and if you keep calling the base it is eventually just gonna get him in trouble. He is a grown man, and should be able to do what needs to get done by himself.<br />
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I think, you really just need to change the way your doing things, and let him make the decision on what his life is gonna intel. If he wants you by his side, he will bend over backwards to try and get of hold of you. If he doesnt, you should really just move on.<br />
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Im sry if thats harsh, but its reality. If he isnt willing to bend over backwards now, then he never will. Tech school is like college. If, you ever been away for college you know whats its like. He probally is gonna go to club every night, drink, and hang out with friends, and you will just be someone on the back burner.<br />
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Again, im sry that this is harsh. But, im a guy, and i dont suger coat anything.

Thank you for tell me ^_^ but the problem is he doesnt know that hes getting the charger, hence him not checking for one. This sucks. :( I'm calling base tomorrow.

I know at Goodfellow it's a post office. So their mail box is theirs and their responsibility to check. Hopefully if he wants a charger bad enough he will keep checking. I know I would since my phone is my lifeline!

Thanks girls. <br />
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I texted his roommate today. And again NO RESPONSE. I'm just hoping that by Tuesday he frickin checks his mailbox. I HOPE he at least TOLD CHRIS. I need to go

Tucker just started Tech (YAY) and he told me that they get their own mailbox and whatnot. He should know where it is and which one, because he should've found out when he first got there and got all those lovely briefings lol. Maybe he can ask his MTL or something?

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news (seriously, I HATE it) but I know at Sheppard, mail is THEIR responsibility. Meaning its all on them to check and see if they have anything, including packages....I dont know about Keesler though. You could text his roommate and tell him to tell Chris to check his mail? I know you hate bothering him....but its all I can think of at the moment lol