Gosh i know sometimes it can take a while to hear from them..

and sometimes the TI's are stricter than others..

But I am getting so impatient. I want so badly to hear from him. its been 17 days since I've talked to him. and 15 days since he his first day of BMT.

Ugh.. wait wait wait.

I know they will come.. and i really am trying to stay positive..

But oh man will i be singin from the mt. tops the day i finally get a letter!! haha

Okay there is my random vent for today...

lakilulu lakilulu
13 Responses Feb 17, 2010

AHH!!! Congrats on your first letter!!! I'm so happy for you! I can hardly wait for mine!!!!! =)


YAYAYAYAY!! I hope it was worth the wait!


Runnin to the mailbox now! wish me luck! haha

I didnt get my first letter until day 21. But after I got that one, I got at least two every week until he graduated. You just have to stay positive and try not to focus on the negatives. That'll just make it harder for you. The TI's calm down A LOT once they hit week 3. Nick says it was a really dramatic change too. His TI went from being a total hard a** jerk one day, and the Sunday after week 2, he was a completely different guy. Just remember that your guy wants to be able to write you and call you more than anything. And as soon as he's able to, he will :)

Yep, I got mine on the 18th day. Before that I only got updates from his mum.

i got my first letter on day 16 so i hope yours comes sooooonn!!!!

lol, yeahhh I think Im around that number too =) When I did talk to Rich on sunday he said that he had mailed me like four letters...Im still waiting.

Ive written over twenty letters. i think like 22. i lost count too =) ugh yeah im really lonely too. this is no fun. But trying to stay positive! just hoping i get a letter this week.

The first few weeks I tried to stay calm as possible beause I'd been warned in advance they might not be able to write at first. Greg called me before he wrote. And...I missed it when i was letting out the dogs. I bawled. Hysterically lol. But then he called again. And Believe me, you WILL most definitely feel this insane surge of happiness. You could probably be hit with a mac truck every time you get a letter from this point and it still couldn't wipe the smile off your face! I swear, my neighbors think im nuts from jumping around every few days when I open the mailbox. STAY POSITIVE as much as it sucks, hes thinking of you constantly. and he misses you more than you can even imagine! just remember that, itll keep you semi sane till he gets ahold of you :)

Yea Ryan's TI must be more strict than Richard's. Like you said, we just have to be strong (hug) ughhhhh...nights like this Im really upset. How many letters have you wrote? I actually lost count. Smh. Im soo lonely.

It'll be ok. I just went 3 weeks without talking to my husband. Then he called 2 days in a row! We are leaving in 1 week for San Antonio!!! It went by fast. It really did. In my opinion, I like the letters more than the phone call. But it took almost 4 weeks for him to be allowed to write me and even then he had to sneak it! My hubby's T.I. let them call WAY more than write. But with a letter, you can read it over and over. Your first phone call will be emotional. Mine cried!