Here It Goes!

Well, I really wanted to wait until we got back together to make a big post, but last night, I just kept thinking over and over how I can’t believe things are actually working out. And basically, when it happens, it’ll be just a formality, because the way he talked to me last night, I can’t see it going any other way.


First, I want to thank you girls, Bethanie, Devon, Juli, Nikki, BreYana, Danielle, everyone, EVERYONE, who has helped me through this. Thinking back to when I wrote my first post, I was so different then. I love you all more than I can say right now, you helped keep me strong and it has paid off soo much. Really, I love you guys. :)


But, now to the conversation… In the middle of conversating with Beth, he signed onto facebook. I was scared to IM him but I did (thanks for making sure I did, haha). And thank god. He responded to my, “…..hi?” with, “OH MY GOD. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!” And then I knew everything was fine. I didn’t even think about any of the doubt I’ve had, any of the sadness or stubbornness I had felt the past couple of days – heck the past two months. He had actually made his cousin update his facebook the other day, so it was his first time online last night. He just kept saying, I want to know everything! I have so many questions... and so many stories! And then I kept saying nonsense because I was nervous, and he said he was doing the same. He told me about graduation – That it was amazing, and his flight –who have become like brothers- all cried. And it was an amazingly proud feeling they had. He said tech school sucks (but I knew this and told him it would in his letters =P) and he only has like one hour a day in his room. He really wanted to call me later on, I’ve never heard him want to call me so bad. I told him though that he could if he had the energy to, that I’d love to hear from him, but I wanted him to rest, so if he couldn’t call I’d be okay with it. Of course, he didn’t call, but I actually don’t mind too much. I’m more concerned with if he’s okay. Is that weird? He said he missed me a million times. He kept saying he missed me more and there was no way I could argue with that. And if felt really good to have the old Jeremy back. The one before all the life was sucked out of him before he left. He seemed happy, and more than anything, I was glad he was.


Girls, don’t worry. I can’t stress that enough. I don’t have much authority to say this, but your relationship will be fine and your boys wont stop loving you in basic. Look at me: Jeremy broke up with me before he left. I wrote him and proved myself to him, and it seems as though things are going to be fine. I got one letter (or one and a half if you count the one to his mom to me) and two calls. I just feel like, if I can survive that, you girls can survive it too. Just be strong, be selfless sometimes, don’t be afraid to show your boy if you’re a little weak, and just be your embarrassing loving vulnerable self to him. He’ll see it. He’ll appreciate it. And things will be stronger for it.


Okay, I think I’m done. :)


Oh, and a P.S. To Amber, who is away at basic now, if you read this when you get back, I want to say thank you to you too!

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super happy for you girl

I am new on here and ran across your blog and it rocked..I am always glad when someone is there for a friend and you were.Take care and your guy is lucky 2 have you..

Aww Allie this is AMAZING ! ! ! ! I am so freaking happy for you (: It's so great that all of this is working out for you two. And soon enough you'll be home and able to see Jeremy again (: Keep strong girl !

YAAAAY! I am so happy to hear things are good and you finally got to talk to him! :D

Awww this made me want to cry! I'm so glad everything has worked out for you! :)

I am so extremly Happy for you right now!! You went through so mcuh stuff and you guys are going to make it through! I am so excited for you !Tony is at the end of beast right now.. and honestly I got some letters today with him telling me that his love has grown so much for me. I really do believe that our guys really do realize how much we are there for them throughout this whole process, and their love grows stronger for us. its something that i am thankful for actually... thank you boot camp lol. But no you have helped me out so much since i have been on here. Thank you so much and i am so happy for you!!!<br />
<br />

rockysgrl204 - Yeah, I always knew that the dread of basic could really beat them down. That's why I searched and searched forums, groups, yahoo answers, for some thing that would confirm it. That's when I found this site. <br />
<br />
Katie - omg, that's pretty excited. I hadn't realized I built up that much anticipation for others. Ahaha Ty <br />
<br />
andyusaf07- I'm so glad that I helped you. Seriously though, all last night I could stop thinking about how I hoped that other girls could realize there's hope after I have a (just about) happy ending. It's hard, we all know that, but if you just keep faith, it'll work out. Especially girls with actual boyfriends in BMT. You all had a leg up on me. Haha<br />
<br />
Devon - I hope you know I made a long post for you! Ahaha Sorry to keep you waiting last night. And thanks so much for everything. :)<br />
<br />
Beth - I'm so glad you made me too. hahah I really hope another good night for us! I'm so glad it was you I went through basic with. And of course, I'm always there for you too. :) And for Amber, have you written her yet? I was waiting till I had good news so I probably will soon. I'm sure all the girls looked alike there. Maybe she saw you though! Haha<br />
<br />
BreYana - I'm crossing my fingers for you still! You're going to hear from Chris and feel as silly as me for being a worry wort. Haha Thank you too. I've enjoyed talking to you a lot more these past few days and you helping me out. But yeah, I think that's why he did it too, but I can't wait until he says that himself. Till I can finally hear how he feels about it all.<br />
<br />
Timmi - Thank youuu. :) I'm still always here if you need help. of course. I can't wait untill you get to talk to your boo finally. Let me tell you, not going to graduation sucks with the waiting more, but its worth it.<br />
<br />
I feel like I'm saying such a dramatic goodbye or something. Haha But really, I can't thank you all enough for all the help and believing even when I didn't. I owe you all so much. I can't wait to now help everyone knowing my own situation isn't doomed. Ahaha And to get through tech and have more advice to share. Just always remember its worth it. Its all worth it. It's my motto. (What's a motto? Nothing... what's a motto with you? Ghaha I totally want to watch the Lion King now.)

AWHH..Congratulations honey! That's absolutly wonderful! :) I am SO happy for you. I know that you have helped me SO much and I am really glad that everything looks like it's gonna be okay for you! You totally deserve it girl! :) We'll always be here for you if you ever need it. <br />

Awwwww ALLIE THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! I knew the moment you guys talked again everything would be okay. I think the only reason why he separated from you was because he didn't want to make this hard for you. He still cares about you a GREAT DEAL...I am so happy for you and am SO glad you got to hear from Jeremy and that he is still the same guy u fell in love with. <br />
<br />
Keep us updated!<br />
<br />
LOVE YOU!!! ^_^

I'm so glad I made you IM him :) I seriously was smiling so big when you were talking to him! :D Tucker was like what are doing?! I was like! :D I can't wait for tonight, another good night for the both of us? :) I'm always here for you Allie, whatever you need. I'm glad we survived bmt together :)<br />
<br />
&About graduation I swear I looked like a creep. There were tons of "girl" flights marching around and I kept trying to see if she was in one of them. I don't think I saw her though :(

Ahhhhh Im soooooo happy for you Allie!! I cant even explain how excited I was for you last night lol I smiled the entire time I was reading this. I hope every girl who is doubting their relationship reads this haha You definitely deserved all of this and Im so happy to see your patience payed off in the end :) YAY!!!

I had an emotional night. For a number of reasons. And when I woke up today and read this....I cried. Not because it made me sad! But because it was all those things I needed to hear and needed to be reminded of and reassured of! I was SO happy to hear your story because it gave me that little boost of self assurance that I've been very much lacking about this whole ordeal the past few days. Hearing you made me feel so MUCH more hopeful! Its so great that things worked out for you the way they did! You made it!!!! You both did :)

Yay! I've been waiting for this post :) I'm soooo happy for you, pretty sure I might be as excited for you as I was when I heard from david. Haha talk about living vicariously! I'm sure things are going to be great between you two :)

Aww Im happy for you!!

Aww. I'm so happy for you! and your story made me feel better. Rocky and I had this HUGE argument like a few months before he left and we ALMOST broke up. He wanted to "take a break" so he can be stress free at basic and maybe meet new girls or some s*** like that. But we got throught that and I love him more than ever and miss him like crazy but every now and then I'd have this flash of doubt that alot of other girls have. I gotta say that after his first phone call though, I feel more confident in our relationship and this story helped me too. =) Thanks