I've Got Mail!!!

Okkkk soo Im back to being happy...again! I got my four letters today...I cried the whole time! Such a wuss lol. But the letters made me feel soo much better. He told me he is doing good, how much he lovesssssss me (OMG)...and here is the kicker..he even brought up marriage. Said he could see his life without me && they would move me to his first base. (jumping up and down) Basically he said everything, I wanted and needed him to say! made me feel soo good and the reassurance I needed ya know. The best letter was his Valentines Day letter..he drew a box of candy, flowers, a heart and a teddy bear. I cried soooo much. He told he is soo sorry for leaving me alone on that day and he promises he is going to make it up to me. lol how i better not be giving his goods away or he is going to  kick my *** lmao..that was the best part. lmao. And he said "To Death Do Us Part"..



And before he left...me and him had SEXY nite. I got us a hotel room, with rose petals everywhere and champagne, handcuffs, oils, etc. (devils laugh). He told his friends out there and they was like damnnn your girl loves you! my girl aint send me off like that! lol (that made me feel good). He said his drill sargeant calls him Mr Popular Harris because of all his letters. lolol I feel soo good.

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Thxx hunni =)

I'm oh so very happy for you :) This definitely made me smile reading it lol

Lmao..we I guess we sent them off welllll satisfied lol =) and the handcuffs...lmao (no comment)..but yea Im soo happy I got my letters. They give more hope! lol

Haha, sexy time!!! I love it! Before my man left we got on a plane and flew across the country, it was SO awesome, unforgettable, and oh yes, we had plenty of sexy time!! :) No handcuffs though, lol.

Omg! your last night sounds like mine! only, well, no oils or handcuffs lol. well, no rose petals either lol. ok ok so there were some differences! But i went to his hotel the night before he left and we just stayed up the entire night talking, swimming, running around laughing, and then some lol :) and all the while, muuuccchhh champang was mixed into it lol. im so happy you got ur letters! I just got mine yesterday! i felt the same! jumping and crying lol. Yay for us girly!!!!

Thank you!! And My sexy nite was great..from what I can remember...I was soooo drunk omg lol

Thank you!! And My sexy nite was great..from what I can remember...I was soooo drunk omg lol

AWWW yayaya i am so happy for you!! i love your sexy time i wish i would have thought of that lol!