chris is trying to buy my love even though he already has it! lol i got my final letter today he says he can't get anymore out before i come to see him so he sent me $100...... WHO DOES THAT?! i mean i am grateful but i want to be like babe are you crazy save your freakin money! I only have a week left until I am with him at his coin ceremony and what not... i can't say I'm excited to spend the weekend with his fam and crazy mean sister but this weekend is for him and I am determined to be positive and make the best of the situation :) I feel like I have been enlightened! I sent my final letter to him out today and it was a serious relief ahhh! Since I heard they stop receiving letters on Tuesday before gad. Hopefully this week goes fast, I am working a lot and took some time off on Monday for my best friends brothers 21st birthday. He is like my brother and since I  was like 7 his fam and I always go to this cool place to eat every year on his birthday. My mood could not get any better right now :D I LOVE ALL YOU GIRLS! I wouldn't have made it without you!

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Aww so like a guy, when I first started dating he didnt eve have a job and spent his money on me, its his way of showing that he is thinking about u and that he cares even though he is away.<br />
<br />
About his sister, just smile in her face and say mean thing in your head, or turn around and roll your eyes. takes away some of the anger. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Richard has a cousin like that, just a straight b word. lol

haha thank you girlrich i will report back asap!!! i am staying in the same hotel though and will probably have to share a bed with his sis... i am trying though! i send her a "i hope you're having a good day! " text and she never responds :(<br />
artyblonde yeah you're right! but he has absolutely no problem expressing his feelings to me at all so I think he was just being a goober because I am alllways telling him to save his money. he does love when I get my nails done though... i've been working on tanning and going to the gym and totally got new underwear for this trip aha. i want to be a hotty for him woo!

Well some guys do show love by giving money. heck sometimes its easier for a guy to part with his money then to say I love you depending on the guy or maybe he feels obligated. maybe he intends for you to buy a new outfit, get your hair done, and nails done. I know its super ficial but my guy loves it when im dressed to the 9's he doesn't expects it everyday. However I know Im using the next 3 weeks to my advantage I will look so good. Both my outfit and what is under my outfit will please lol just a thought

Im soooo happy for you!!! Congratsss =) I cant wait for you to get back and tell us all about the graduation. && Lol, that sounds like something Richard would do! lol, but use it as some spending money when you get down there && by some cute AF girl stuff. && I hope everything goes ok with his fam. Are yall staying in the same hotel room??