Happy Day!!!!!!!!!

I just got another call!!! It was only 5 minutes but I am just so happy to hear his voice! He wasn't crying this time even though his voice started cracking like he was about to cry but he stayed strong. He said he hates it there and that he even thought about leaving. I told him that it'll get better and before he knows it I'll be in his arms again. I can't wait until my letters that i sent out Tues. get to him. He's looking forward to them and I know they will make him feel better. And I also just got our pictures!!!! I'll put them on here right now! I'm so happy but I'm also sad that he's having such a hard time.

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Thanks guys! He's in week one since last week was zero week. I've been staying positive and super supportive throughout all of my letters I just hope they get to him soon

awwww! I am sooo happy you heard from him! and you got your pictures! yahhh! Don't worry too much about him being upset, It will get easyir for him as the weeks go by! Just be supportive!!! I hope you get another call soon!!!

What week is he in? I know Greg said the first few weeks were the hardest, but now, he almost likes some of the routine they have. He still tells me how hard it is, and I worry about him more than he lets on that I should. But it does get better! Next time you write him, be super encouraging and tell him that everything he's doing down there gives you strength too. Make sure to remind him that the first few weeks are the roughest and that it only gets better, and don't forget to stress how proud you are of him! Yay for pictures! God I wish I would have taken about a bazillion more before he left lol!

Aww poor thing!! I hope he gets uplifted soon. Stay strong for him, thats what he needs mostly. Richard told me in his letters that a TI pissed him off SOOOOO bad and he was ready to go off && he knew he was going to get sent home, but he remember that we all are counting on him and doesnt want to let us down. But congrats on the phone call!!! I hope I get one on sunday again! (fingers crossed)

YAY for the phone call! And YAY for the pictures! Im excited to see them haha :) It gets much easier for them. Poor Nick was a wreck during his first couple of weeks. He always told me how he would cry every night and how he thought he couldnt handle it. But once he fell into a routine and the TIs loosened up, it got much better for him. Believe it or not, they actually get used to all of it. The lack of sleep, the yelling, the five minute meals. You'll see him start to get stronger. And you being so positive about all of it will help him a lot too! I bet he's going to be thinking about that "I'll be in your arms again soon" comment for days :)