Girls I think this is it. I think Tim and I have lost everything. I've had this horrible feeling since I talked to him almost two weeks ago. (It's the only time we've talked in the three months he's been gone.) If he really wanted this as much as I do/did. He would have written me from BMT like he promised, and he would have made more of an effort to talk to me now that he's in tech school, even if its only for a few minutes once or twice a week. I feel as if none of it matters to him. But the worst part about this is that I feel as if I'm losing my best friend. If he and I are never "together" again, that's fine, I'll get over it after some time. But I don't want him out of my life for good. ):

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Thanks girls. <br />
Allie - No I haven't heard from him. And I've texted him a couple times. I mean I know he's really busy and stressed but seriously ? I can't get ANYTHING ?! I really hope things get better when he comes home this summer. And thanks so much for everything ! I know you're always here (:<br />
Andy - I sent him a letter on Tuesday telling him so I'm hoping that gets my point across.

do you have his tech address? maybe write him a letter thats not too in depth, but gets your point accross on how you're feeling on the situation, just like you did in your story post. Theres a good chance he doesn't realize that his actions, or lack of, have made you feel neglected and hurt. I know I've been in that situation where a guy just hasn't understood my perspective on it and didn't realize how his actions were effecting me. Maybe a letter would help him understand!

Has he not responded since that day you texted him? Wow what a douche. Seriously though, what's his problem that he can't even talk to his friend? Hopefully once he's out of Tech he'll realize he lost a good friend and reconnect. My best guy friend and I had a falling out at the end of HS, no fights or anything, we just grew apart. A year later we started talking again and it's been fine since. Sometimes the universe says time apart needs to happen. It's lame but true. Hopefully this happens for you, because I know how much losing a friend like that hurts. I'm sorry girl. You know I'm always here if you need me. AF related or not!

Maybe he is just super busy