!anyone's Airman In Security Forces?

Tucker ended up getting Security Forces as his SC. :( It's O.K. though, we're going to make it work!! Life changes and you learn to adjust!


Anyone know where I can find statistics about Security Forces? Preferably about deployment? I've been searching for days now and can't find anything. Also if anyone's Airman is in SF, just any information you'd like to shoot my way would be very helpful.

P.S. I know about usmilitary.about.com , the information is too old to be reliable.


Thanks ladies!

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Hi!!! My name is Kesha and my bf just left for the AF today :( >>> His job is security forces and im not to excited about the things i've heard so far> right now I"m deeply depressed and in dire need of encouraging info.... Any information of what to expect would be greatly appreciated.

Jordan got his orders about 3 weeks into tech school. So Tucker should be getting his in about three weeks! :)

Lol. I'm so glad they don't do the SERE training :) i'm not too excited for the 6 month on 6 month off deployment thing, but I'm hopeful for PRP. Me and Tucker are getting married in June :) So I'll be going with him. Hopefully Tucker finds out in a few weeks his orders? Fingers crossed!

What I understand about deployment is that they get put on this deployment list. First, they choose those who volunteered to go first. Then, they go through the list and randomly select people. So he may or may not even get deployed, it all just depends. But most likely, there is a good chance he will, unless he has PRP. It also depends on where he's stationed at too. I know east coast bases deploy more often. They do go overseas for 6 months, and then after that 6 months they are guaranteed to stay home for 6 months. After that 6 months is up, they just go back on the list and go through the same random picking process. I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all or anything, I just ask Jordan a lot of questions, and thought I'd share :) lol.

Yeahh I believe SF is 6 months active & 6 months off,.<br />
They are deployed quite often.

Haha yeah, you scared me for a second! Then I asked Jordan about it and he said it's special forces, and it really is hardcore though for anyone that has to go through that. Security and special are pretty close though, I can see how he'd get confused. lol

oh yay! cool! I guess Jeremy doesn't know what he's talking about much. ahaha

SERE training is for special forces, not security forces!! If he's in security forces, he won't be doing any SERE training. lol

Glad I could help :) If you're married, yeah you could totally live with him. I'm not sure about if you're not married though. Jordan and I are getting married in May, so I'll be going with him :) But like I said, for those 5 days he's working, he'll be like out in the middle of nowhere guarding missiles, and you can't go with them because they'll be on the job. You'll be able to talk to him when he's off duty though. And then after those 5 days, he'll be able to go back to his home or dorm, wherever he's staying for 4 days. And yeah, Camp Bullis is like BEAST I guess, but more detailed on their specific job. And I was relieved when Jordan told me that too! lol :)

Hay! So, I was talking to Jeremy about you guys today and I mentioned Tucker got SF and he said that SERE training sucks. He says SERE, survival, evade, resist, escape training, is basically you being a captive and they interrogate the trainees and they beat you as part of the training. He believes its a 19 day program and 7 of which is the captivity part, they put a bag over your head and all that. That they basically torture you nicely. This may not help with deployment, but an interesting thing to know. <br />
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Btw, talking to him today was amazing, I blew off the Chinese New Year fireworks for it. So worth it. lol

becsig- Oh! Did he go in with a gauranteed job? He should start Tech relatively soon, I just know some guys arriving at Tech right now have to do details untill March and then they start training! But don't worry about it, he'll know as soon as he gets his orders week 8.<br />
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AirmanNettsGirl- Thanks so much for all the info, it helped sooo much! If he gets PRP, and gets "deployed" to say Minot, also, would I be able to go with him? I'm also assuming camp bullis is sorta like SF version of BEAST? Lol. 9 people, REALLY!? Here I am thinking it's atleast 100. Phew, that makes me feel a hell of a lot better, lol.<br />
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HisStar- Sort of sounds like BEAST for SF? Tucker has T-Mobile too, hmmm this should be fun lol!

Yeah, I heard service really sucks there too. Jordan has AT&T, and apparently AT&T and T-mobile are the worst out there and Verizon has the best. lol

Well, the comment before this said the general point of Bullis. I remember that once or twice they were left out in the middle of the woods somewhere or something and had to navigate their way back out, so ya, it's real active training stuff. They did stuff on military vehicles and stuff, and I think Tom was the guy that stands on the back with a gun for a lot of it and when they got out, he had to like go through a back window and then like roll out, which he liked. Haha. The guns they had to carry around all day, though, were wicked heavy, and they had to do this there where they jumped down from somewhere with the guns, and Tom heard about guys getting their shoulders dislocated from it and stuff, but he was perfectly fine. My only complaint about Bullis was that Tom has T-Mobile and had almost no signal there, and he had to go outside to this one tiny spot to talk to me at all, so communication was more limited again, but it was still daily. That's pretty much all I remember. =)

My boyfriend is in security forces too. Jordan's been in tech school for about a month now. One thing is they could get PRP, which is getting stationed at a base and guarding nuclear weapons. Jordan is supposed to be stationed in Minot, ND! But for them to get PRP, their record has to be pretty much absolutely perfect or they'll get disqualified and have to wait for new orders after they graduate. If he does get PRP though, the chances of getting deployed overseas are less likely because they consider it being deployed on location. The only thing about it though is, I know at Minot he'll work 5 days, and be off for 4 days. For those 5 days he's at work, I won't see him at all. But then he'll be home for 4 days straight, so I guess it's not too bad. I think it's better than being deployed overseas. In tech school, first they do the shooting and whatnot, then the classrooms about law enforcement, and then camp bullis, which is learning more about what it's like to be deployed. Um.. number statistics, I know only 9 people from SF have died in this war, so that's not too bad lol security forces has the highest deployment rate in the AF, but it's only because they have so many people. Other than that, the other ladies said pretty much everything else I know. lol Hope this helped! :)

He's still in BMT, graduates the weekend after next. As far as I know he's starting tech school right away? Hmm. I guess we'll see!

becsig- is your guy still in bmt or did his team have to wait? there's a long waiting list for tech school, i'm glad tucker starts next week.<br />
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HisStar- thanks so much for the info, everything you said is so far what i've been assuming. i'm glad i'm on the ball. :) dont apologize for the babble, it was very informing! :) i was wondering if you could tell me more about camp bullis? tucker hasnt done any tests yet since its his first week but from what we've heard from some guys in phase 3 is that it's real easy and PT can be a joke, lol. lots of days spent at the firing range. thanks so much for all the the info though, i'll definitely shoot you a message if i have anymore questions. thanks again! :)<br />
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Anybody know how often Security Forces gets deployed to Iraq? Everytime I google it, I get Iraqi Security Forces instead of U.S.!

Hahaha no problem =P

My boyfriend's going into security forces too. I've come to accept that he's probably going to be deployed a lot. But who knows! Anything can happen.<br />
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HisStar - Thanks for all the tech school info! My guy will be starting tech in a couple of weeks so it was cool to hear so much about it :)

Well, Tom is Security Forces, but unfortunately I don't know many statistics or anything. He's eligible to be deployed starting in May of this year, I believe (just over a year after he left for basic training), and he thinks he will most likely been actually deployed in September or something. He hasn't decided yet whether he's going to volunteer for a 1 year deployment or not. What I do know, though, is that as of right now on his base in Nebraska, he generally just sits in a shack guarding, rides around in a car with someone patrolling, "trains" (which I take it is usually just more like studying for things), or guarding from someplace else other than the shack. Alllllll night. Lol. I also know that his tech school seems (from what I've heard from people on here in comparison) to have been one of the easier ones. He stayed at Lackland for it , except for the week or two when they went to Camp Bullis. By easier, I mean that he never sounded as stressed as a lot of the girls on here talk about, even though he was definitely taking it seriously. I think the most ridiculous thing I heard about was when they all had to write a paper on some book that there were only one or two copies of, and I believe they only had one night to do it. He's generally liked all of the guys he's worked with in SF, which is good. I know there were cool parts of tech school doing searches of houses (and of people, of course), and learning how to cuff and such. Tom definitely seemed to enjoy it. He's been stressed more about tests recently than he generally was in tech school, which I think is kind of interesting. I'm not sure what else to add, since I'm pretty sure I've just been rambling about pointless things lol, but I'm sure I know some more stuff if you have specific questions. Sorry for the babble. =)

Yeah, I know they're like Band E. Ridiculous! I wanted more of number statistics? Like how many got deployed to Iraq in 2009. He keeps telling me he will stay state side, but I highly doubt that.

my boyfriend is in security forces. They have a 6 month on 6 months off deployment rate. It all depends where Tucker is based at though some bases deploy their guys more than others. But security forces is def one of the more deployable jobs.