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I grew up in the Air Force. My mom married my step-father when I was about 14 years old. He was active duty when they married and did aircraft maintenance. I always looked forward to the TDY trips and any other tours he did. Since he wasn't my real father, I didn't care for him much and I never really looked to see how my mom was dealing with him being gone. When Desert Storm came up, he was in the Reserves. He got called up and went to serve our country for about 3 months (I believe. I was young and I don't remember all the details). I actually came to look forward to his calling and seeing how the family was doing. He of course came home (way too soon for me) and things went back to normal. He worked a civilian job at HQ on base as a QC manager and did quite well and made promotion after promotion. He made Cheif and retired on time.

Around 2002, my brother enlisted with the Air Force. Mostly to rebel against our parents. My brother and step-father really didn't see eye to eye (after I moved into my own home, my relationship with my step-father grew and I am closer to him than my own father), so he figured that the only way he could see to "stick it to them" was to join up. He was young. Just out of high school. Went to basic and then tech school. He ended up doing exactly what my step-dad did. Aircraft maintenance. He was in for a few years, never got deployed. He started hanging around the wrong people and his priorities got waylayed and ended up getting discharged, much to the embarrasment of my stepfather who knew many of the people my brother was working with.

All during this time, I made my way through relationship after relationship. I had met Ryan through a friend about 4 years ago via myspace and we emailed eachother every once in a while. We had the love of hockey in common and had a friendly banter going about our opposing teams. He was in basic at the time, though I didn't know it. I think each of us were with someone while he was overseas for his first deployment, but we still emailed each other talking smack about the others team. I thought he was kinda cute and I always looked forward to getting an email from him. We kinda lost touch after a while and he met up with our friend, her husband and my (now ex) boyfriend for drinks one night when he was on leave last year. I never really thought anything of it. We had fun and laughed at the horrible dancers at the bar that night. My ex and I went back to New York (where I am from) and Ryan and I would comment on eachothers status' on Facebook periodically. When my boyfriend broke up with me, Ryan was right there, telling me that everything would work out for the best. That I was a great girl and any guy would be lucky to be with me. We started to IM eachother and he was always there for me, "holding" my hand, helping me through this bad breakup. At some point, our platonic friendship turned to me looking forward to getting out of work to IM him or see if he left me a message and that turned into 6 hour phone conversations and all day long texts and me flying to Charleston, SC to visit him for the weekend. A 3 day weekend turned into me going home, packing my things and moving to Charleston a month and 2 days after I got back from my first trip. I fell in love with him at some point during that trip and at somepoint during this month, I knew that I wouldn't ever want to be with another man for as long as I lived. I knew that I would marry this man and make babies with him.

He has been gone for 5 days now on a training excersise and will be gone for another 6 days. I see him usually 2 1/2 weeks out of the month. I know it's nothing like what some or most of you ladies (and guys:)) have to live with, but it is so hard. I'm new down here and don't have any girlfriends or family to have over or hang out with. If anyone has any suggestions, please let this newbie know :)

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thank you all so much for your welcoming comments. I can't even tell you how much it helps to have a group of strong women to rely on. Ryan once told me that military girlfriends/wives are an elite status that no one else will ever understand what we deal with. My heart swells with pride when I pull that flight suit out of the dryer and he puts it on. I know he is doing something to make a difference in the world. You girls are fabulous and I'm so happy to have a group that I can go to and lean on.

Welcome hun!!! Makes sure u write as many letters as u can! it helps!! ^_^

Wow that was a pretty amazing story. It made me sad and happy. lol. But yea my guy is in basic right now and I'm semi new to all this air force stuff. My only other experience is JROTC. Anyways...Welcome to the group!! We're here to offer any support and comfort you may need. =)

Oh my gosh this made me cry. Seriously. It sounds like such a sweet story. Like a movie. You're at a point with your boy that not many of us are at, and my boy just got to Tech school so I don't have much advice or anything to add except that your story is so cute. lol Welcome!