Hey ladies. Figured I'd just do an update because I haven't posted anything in awhile. So only 11 more days  until I'm on a place to see my airman :D I am sooo excited I feel like it's going to be like a dream seeing him for the first time in 8.5 months. I don't even know how I'll react! I'm sure with lots of tears and smiles lol. I'm flying there by myself though and the flight there and back are not direct flights so I'm pretty nervous about missing one of the transfer flights. For those ladies who brought carry on bags, I know the bag isn't suppose to be bigger than 45 inches (I think) and more than 40 pounds. I was just wondering what kind of bag size that is? Like is it backpack sized or bigger? haha I really don't want to check any bags(:. Also, I'm trying really hard to get reservations on base, calling everyday to see if some will make an exception about the whole 3 days before thing. I was just wondering if there is a good chance I will be able to stay there? And btw thank you so much girls for helping me through this. This site was so helpful and helped my stay storng and keep my head up high through this whole experience. I love you ladies thanks so much

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ops i meant 8.5 weeks not 8.5 months* sorry! I was like what is she talking about? hahah(: but thanks I hope it goes by too! and I hope the time flies by for you that's so long but it'll be even more special when you guys get to see each other again!

oh my it has been a long time! when my boyfriend leaves after this next time i see him, i won't see him again for AT LEAST 9 months...maybe more like 15 or 16. so i need to take a lesson from you! lol but omg i bet it will be like a dream running into his arms for the first time =) awww so excited for you! hope it comes fast!

Have fun seeing him!!!!!! Hope to hear ALL the details when u get back.

when I flew to Washington DC I brought a Medium size duffle bag as a carryon. But I'm so happy for you! Graduation will be so exciting!!!! Rockys is April 9th so I still have a ways to go but I can't stop thinking about it! Hope you have a great time!!! =)

March 3rd can't come soon enough!!!!

I'm flying out on Southwest on March 3rd. I read on their website that carryons can't be bigger than 24 inches, Which is 2 feet so that's pretty big. I was able to make my reservation on base 2 weeks ago, so just keep trying you'll get the right person who will book it for you, They are open 24 hours, so I called at 11:30 Texas time and was able to book it.

I brought on a pretty large rolling suitcase and then a backpack. Never had a problem with them. Im glad I opted to go with just carry on too. I missed one of my connecting flights on the way to San Antonio and I would have lost my luggage if I checked any bags. Whew! 40 pounds is a lot more than you think. I thought mine weighed a TON. But it was nowhere near the cut off weight. I dont know anything about staying on base. But I sure do hope you have a back up hotel already booked. Just in case you cant get one on base. You're going to have an amazing time!