Another Sob Story From Renee (sry)

My school's military ball is tonight. I'm excited but then not. I don't know, it's sorta hard to expain how i'm feeling about it. My friends really want me to go but I feel really guilty about getting all pretty and going out to have fun while Rocky is hundreds of miles away going through hell. Last year we went together and we had our very first slow dance. This year I'll be dancing by myself. I might not end up going...I want him here more than anything! And I hung out with my best friends again last night. I had a good time but one of my friend's boyfriend was there and they were all lovey dovey. My other friend was telling me about the "great" time with her boyfriend, and my other friend was arguing with hers because he wouldn't txt her back. All of it really made me wanna cry. I mean it's like they are oblivious to what i'm going through. I miss him so much!!! I just need a little comfort right now :(

Rockysgrl204 Rockysgrl204
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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I know its hard when it seems like everyone around you has it so easy... but no matter what stage youre in continue to write him it makes you feel so much more closer to him and it helps out a lot. Dont worry it'll get better dear, ^_^