Seriously Don't Know How You Girls Do It...

I have been reading all your stories and can't help but feel selfish. Ryan and I have only been together for about 4 months and living together for just over a month. He wasn't there to pick me up from the airport when I moved down and was feeling so angry that the af made him work nights that week even though he told them I was moving down that day. He didn't get back to the apartment til about 7:30 the next morning. Since I have been down here he has been on alert staying in the dorms on base for 5 days, on bravo alert to go to Haiti, and now he is on an 11 day training mission.

Now after reading all your stories, I look at myself and see just how selfish I have been. Your men have been gone for months at a time and you can't talk to them. We got together after basic, tech and his deployment. I want all of you girls to know I am thinking of you while your airmen are away for long periods of time. I'm still missing him. Alot, but I think that my little pity party is finally over.

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this was such a sweet thing to say =) but you still are in a military relationship. and it's still difficult. you have to share him and you'll go through plenty of trying times yourself so don't sell yourself short =) but still thanks for the nice post! lol i suppose i just stuck myself in the category of the girls you're talking about lol but i did go through basic and he is 1000 miles away and getting ready to move to japan so i guess i qualify lol =p but good luck with everything you do!!

You said that you two got together after basic?? I have no idea what is going on or what to expect bc my bf just left last Tuesday. So its all new to me. I have no idea when I will see or talk to him. Can you help me with some answers since you may know more than me?? That would be great. Thanks so much.

Try being married for 3 years and being together EVERY DAY for 4. Living and having a family together makes it so much more difficult to go forever without hearing how they are. You are soooo lucky you got to move with him. Seriously, feel blessed that he's right there with you. But I know that when you love someone, it doesn't matter if their 1000 miles away or right down the road, wheny our not with them, you miss them. I'm seeing my husband in less than a week when he graduates basic, but then he's still got 4 more months of training in Texas! Grarr....