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if you CAN'T STAND ex-girlfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chelchacha chelchacha
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I will raise my hand for the ex-boyfriend.. his ex's are surprisingly out of the picture (even though we have a nice little nickname for her anyways).. my ex however is pretty much trying everything he can to stop our wedding! hahaha I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up and was that one A-hole to "speak now" instead of holding his peace! (really, i'm not kidding- it's a real possibility that will happen) I find it amusing in the wow shut up go away your a child way- Dan, well, doesn't. Best of luck though girl!

yeah i woud def raise my hand to that. =D

I am about to tell a story on this issue after my next class! Cant stand em....

yeah you are right i am dropping all contact officially. it's just not worth the fights yaknow!

I was lucky that James only had one true girlfriend before me and he dropped all contact with her once she started bad mouthing me to him. But I was the one who tried to stay friends with MY exes also and that always started problems with me and James so finally I dropped them and me and James are WAY happier now...maybe you should think about that? Unless this is like, your bff from Kindergarten or somthn...idk

*raising both my hands* <br />
Jacob has the ex that cheated on him while he was in basic like 3 years ago. She still keeps trying to get him to care that she got prego with another guy just so she could tie him down, but he left her. So now shes running back to Jacob because he once loved her, 3 years ago. <br />
Like daniru said, talk with them and tell them your side of the story. :) <br />
good luck! :D

DEVOONNN! i totally feel the situation you had...MY ex boyfriend gave us soooo many problems...owwww<br />
<br />
and chelchacha...i'm sorry you have to go through that crap.hanging out with exes is always tricky though i think until your boyfriend happens to get along with them too. but she had no right and i agree with devon. basically the best you can do is explain everything to him and his family and HE should believe you and stick up for you.

yeah i know it is all jealousy but who goes out of their way to ruin someones relationship. i do not give a sh!t about other peoples lives and i def don't call their familys and tell them. i am worried they will cancel my ticket or something. how can i live with this ridiculous bipolar un reasonable family? this girl is the one that cheated on him and still lies about it to this day but noooo she is cooler so i believe her. yeah >:( i have every right to be angry i think!

Wow. Well, once you calm down, you should just sit them down and explain the situation to them. And to Chris too, when you see him. Dont give up! Your airman is worth it, believe me. Everything will work out in end. I wish I had more to say :( I'd just kill her. Ha. But seriously, jealous much?

OMG what a b****!!!!! I know I don't know you that well but I have this strong urge to kick her ***! lol. I'm sorry. :(

she and i kind of traded boyfriends haha but her and my ew broke up. i have always been friends with my ex and because i hang out with him she feels the need to call Chris' family and tell them I have been messing around with my ex. pulled it straight out of her *** and now her fam believes her. i want to give up. and i get this whoooole weekend in a hotel with them in Texas while they try to talk him out of being with me because of this chick. woo

Although, my biggest stress was ex BOYFRIENDS. Oy. Was that a rough patch. My ex boyfriends...not Nicks...He doesnt swing both ways. Lol<br />
Is everything okay??

Or girls that want your man still? *raises hand* What happened? I want deetz!