Its Official

OMG we are officially married now! crazy to think that when he comes home from tech school we will be marrrrried and not just dating anymore!!! Im so happy and stressed! Things are crazy, planning a wedding in 3 months is not ideal!!! I wish I had a fairy godmother or something lol! Hopefully I will have everything figured out by may (wedding time) I just cant wait to actuallly have him home and kinda back to normal. Its been since Novemeber and I just cant wait anymore!!!!!! Then when he comes home we will have a small wedding in may then in june its off to JAPAN omg, life is getting really really REAL time is flying and its so hard to figure everything out on my own! Somehow things will get easier but Im sure alot of you girls know what Im going through!?!    



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I was just recently married by proxy and having my actual wedding in April! :)<br />
Congrats girl!


I'm planning a wedding for late june or early july all on my own. so yea i know wat u mean by STRESS!!! lol good luck!! ur gonna need it! haha

congrats! :)

My boyfriend/fiance (lol who knows that you call it!) is going to Misawa AB in Japan in April. We're getting married and I'm going with him, but not til December/January because of school. I wish I could go with him at the very beginning like you! Congrats girl, I bet you're gonna have a BLAST!!

hey usafbaby where is your bf at right now and when does he go to japan?

we will be at KADENA AFB :) in june ahhhhhh its gonna be so weird I have no idea what toexpect but I am so freaking excited and NERVOUS!!!!!!! wow one month cant imagine that im stressin 3 months you go girl!! thanks girls for the love

I planned a wedding in a month. CRAZY! If I can do it, you can do it!!! :)

that's where my "soon to be" fiance is headed =) i've actually met more people than i thought who are there or are headed there! <br />
<br />
pearl172z...where are you and your husband going?

Kadena afb

lol i meant what base in japan?

awww my boyfriend is going to japan too next month! but i can't go til i finish school =( where are your guys and you all going??

Congratulations to you! :) Jordan and I will be getting married in May as well when he gets out of tech school. But we're planning on just going to the courthouse, and maybe have a wedding ceremony later on when we have more time. I couldn't plan a wedding in just 3 months! Good luck to you, lol. We're just gonna be going to Minot, ND. Nothing exciting like Japan. I hope we can go there one day though, it seems pretty nice there. Wel I wish you luck in everything with the wedding and all! :)

I feel the exact same way as you! I have never been so stressed, happy, overwhelmed and excited before. It feels like my whole life is changing and ive had no control of it lol. I am soooo extremely nervous for Japan though i just don't even know what to expect!