2 Amazing Weeks

So my baby graduated tech school 2 weeks ago and has been home since then! It was an amazing time..we went and saw my rents and they still love him to death and for v day he got roses sent to the resturant we went to that night. he also got me a teddy bear and a card.  it was the sweetest thing!  well after 2 weeks of falling asleep next to him and waking up in his arms I have to get use to being by myself again .. He leaves tomorrow to Go all the way across the damn country! I have been enjoying all of our time together and not thinking about it but now that its so close its tearin me up.  Im so tired of being away from him and want to be able to wake up with  him every morning.  Im luck to be able to go to see him in a month for a week but still im gunna have to leave him again!!!i no im just rambling but i need to get it out!

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I'm dreading that time. Nick graduates Tech School on March 11 and then he comes home for 2 weeks and I know it's gonna be amazing, but then he leaves for Japan. And I won't see him for 6 months :( oh how the AF sucks sometimes!!! haha

Aw, yay I know you had been waiting a while for him to graduate! Haha I have about a month left in tech school for my hubby, then he goes to his duty station for follow up training, then he's home for our actual wedding! YAYY!!! :) <br />
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I'm glad you get to see your boyfriend again in a month! :)

Wow youre sooo far ahead of me lol! Im glad you enjoyed the two weeks with him and that he will STILL be in the same country as you! This way he will he just a plan and taxi away! ^_^