girls! when do our airman not get our mail anymore? chris graduates on friday and yesterday he called me i could tell him some of my situation but not all of it because he wouldn't stop asking me why i was down. i just blurted it out and all he got out of it was "omg you called your ex wtf" and i understand he is mad i am apologizing and deleted his name out of my phone book but i know right now he is stressing out MAJOR and it kills me that i can't call him and reassure him because he is probably feeling really insecure right now. i wrote it all in a letter and i want him to have it asap. can i express mail it and he will get it? i mean i can't wait till grad. i know he will be like first thing ok tell me the story and i can't say oh well your mom and sis are really mean to me and they like your ex more than me and yada yada with them standing right there. i don't want to fight i want it to be a good weekend and i need to just get this problem out of my way. hellllp! or should i just give him the letter on thursday for him to read that night?

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ok ok good idea girls thank you. i wish there was a way i could mail things that would get there in like an hour lol poop!

Yeah I say write the letter still and have him read it privately that way you can expressed yourself fully without being held back by his family. <br />
<br />
No matter what happens things will be great when you see him again. Have fun!!

Hmmm, I'd probably wait and give it to him Thursday to read that night. Just because I think I've read people say on here that their guys got their last mail call like the Tuesday of graduation week I think? So even if you express mailed it I don't know if he'd get it. So giving it to him in person should be fine! Honestly I doubt he'll be worried about it when he sees you, he'll just be sooooo happy to see you!