Not Much Really...

Had a chance to talk to Ryan yesterday and it seemed like he had just woken up (at 3pm). So I asked him about it and he had told me that the night before he was the designated driver for some of the guys on the training trip (he doesn't drink and I don't drink much), so I figured that he was tired from getting woken up in the middle of the night to pick them up from the bar. Well then he goes on about how he had to meet up with the commander at 1700 and how interesting that was going to be. So, of course I had to ask why it was going to be an interesting dinner (because no one really likes hanging out with the big boss) and he tells me that he gets a phone call at 5 am from the police station because one of the guys gets into trouble (he can't/won't go into the details and that frusterates the heck out of me because my curious self just has to know) and gets hauled down to the jail. Well, Ryan gets to the pokie and the cops won't let him get El Drunko and drag his drunk *** back to the hotel because he is STILL drunk! Haven't talked to him today to see how the dinner went, but if only I was a fly on the wall to hear that conversation lol!

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What I though was great was that the commander was suppoesed to be coming down just to check on the mission and see how things were going. Just a routine inspection and then this guy goes and gets himself into a heap of trouble like that? Now for the next 2 missions, they aren't allowed to leave the hotel except to go on base. I don't know why grown men act so stupid sometimes...

WOW! That'll sure be a story to hear! lol