36 Min Phone Call!!!

My hubby called tonight. I get soooo excited when I see the 210 area code. I got to talk to him for 36 min tonight. He told me all kinds of funny stories about things that go on there. I think he got yelled at for his "dirty hat" and got an hour taken away from his town pass. He was reeeeally upset about that. But I told him I didn't care where we were. I just want to see him, touch him, kiss him. I told him when we get to the hotel, I was going to give him the biggest longest massage ever. He was really happy to hear that. He just kept telling me that he can't wait to see us...(myself and our kids). He told me that he has a big surprise planned for me whenhe comes home. He says "save our money because it's going to cost money". I want to know!!! But then I don't because I would looove to be surprised. Maybe it's renewing our wedding vows :) It'll be 4 years in August and by then he'll be home. I'm leaving Wednesday...wish me luck!

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8 Responses Feb 22, 2010

thats so great!! have fun!!

aw congrats! I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!

Yayyy!! that is very exciting!!! Cant wait for you to get back && tell us all about your surpise!

How exciting! Hope you have an awesome time at graduation!!!!!!

Im glad to see you're feeling better :)

That is incredible! I am so excited yet nervous at the same time! My husband graduates March 4th! I am hoping for a 36 minute phone call! Hell I will settle for a phone call. :) I can't wait to head out for his graduation!

Friday the 26th. Your almost there too! It's really unlike any feeling I've ever had. Like every thing isnew again. It'll be great. I know boot camp is hell for them, but it's changes them all.

Awe..Congratulations on the phone call! I loved reading that it was too cute!!!, I am living through you right now, my Fiance just started week 7 and I am dying to hear from him. When does your husband graduate?