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I'm Lauren, I'm 21 and I met my man about 5 1/2 years ago through a friend, and at that time I wanted nothing to do with him. One, he lived(s) in Minnesota and I'm from Ontario, Canada - who wants a long distance friendship let alone a relationship at 16? Two, he talked about such random things and about people I didn't know or care about.. we were on different pages and places in our lives. I won't go into his history, but he never had it easy and his life was definitely opposite of mine.

He was persistent though, he would keep talking, changing subjects when it got quiet and for some reason I grew to enjoy talking to him. We talked about everything and as time passed I found myself going online for hours just to talk to him. From there we became best friends, coaching each other through family and personal issues. I found myself falling in love with him after a year and a half. It was kind of shocking and something I hadn't really experienced before; people don't usually fall in love with someone they've only seen once. But I did. It was hard because he wasn't in the same place and for a while I was the one he would come to about other girls, it was heartbreaking. So I found someone else kind of, an old friend. He was more of a distraction than anything else. He realized I was drifting away and we had a huge fight one night which ended in him telling me he loved me for the first time - as more than friends. It shocked me because in no way had he ever eluded to that's how he felt. That's when our relationship changed - February 27, 2007. That's our date, the date I always remember.

Since then we have gone through a lot as a couple. We've never actually been together since the first time we met, which is unusual for any couple and the cause of our only arguments. I know him better than I'm sure most people know their boyfriends - maybe not physically (which really sucks!!) but we connect on a very different level. It's incredible actually. I have no idea what keeps us going. We've both threatened to leave and stop talking (me more so than him) but we come right back. I don't know if that means we settle for each other or that we truly are connected by something great. I choose to believe the latter. Only time will tell.

The longest we've ever gone without talking was 2 weeks, but we were in a huge fight and it was terrible. Before that it had been a week when i was in Dominican. I thought that him leaving to BMT would be brutal and I wouldn't last long, but he kept telling me that two months is nothing and it will fly by. Who really believes that when you're about to face a major change and crisis in your routine?! I sure as hell didn't, I don't take change well at all unless I am the one making it. He's good at encouraging me to go out and live and do the things I want to do when he's away. He knows I'm faithful - I always have been and always will be. I broke down for the entire week before he left on Feb 2. It was awful, I would be sitting in class and have to leave because the thought would cross my mind that only __ more days to talk to him. He was sweet though and we arranged 3 dates (online obviously) where we played games, talked and webcamed the week before he left.

Surprisingly, I'm a lot stronger than I thought. I have my moments where the hurt overwhelms me, but otherwise I think of him and smile. Writing him letters helps because it's as if I'm talking to him like I normally would, telling him about my day and what I'm thinking and that I miss him. Always ending with a kiss and an I love you.

He asked me to come to his graduation 2 weeks before he left, it was like he was asking me to prom or something. I had butterflies and you could just hear his nervousness haha. But then he told me he would have to leave the Sunday for tech school and wouldn't have the weekend off like we had both thought. So it's up in the air right now, I still want to go - it's a rewarding experience and something in his life that he can celebrate. It's something I truly want to share with him and I'm praying I get to. I'm going to look into flights this week, if they aren't too expensive I'll be going for sure. If not, I'm heading down to tech in June anyway.

I haven't received a letter or a call yet. He hates the phone and his family is probably nervous so he uses his calls on them. It kind of upsets me that I don't have a call or a letter, but I know I'll be okay. I will likely call the base when I get home (I'm in Florida right now) and find out his address. I've written him 7 letters (5-8 pages long each) in the last 3 weeks, so I need to send them before I need to buy a full size manila envelope.

Though, 3 nights ago I got a text from him saying "miss you" which made me the happiest girl on earth! I don't know how he did it, but he did, and it gave me a push to keep me strong. I'm looking forward to a letter, hoping he has time - and even more so a phone call because I want to ask about his grad.

I'm excited and nervous for the future. Who knows what it will bring.

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That is awesome you got the text, and as for the letters they might get to write them but it does not mean that the TI'S are sending them out right then, you may get all of his letters at once in a week or so! You are right about the phone calls, if he sent you a text that meant that he was able to use his cell phone for a call but he probably called his parents because most parents freak out a little more then us *actually I came across a forum for them and they whine more then us :)* so he shot you a quick text message, also you can send him a text that way the next time he gets his phone he will see it. Hang in there it will get easier each day! My hubby graduates March 4th I am super excited!