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Well hello ladies! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! I have been coming on here reading your stories and things for a while and finally decided to join you all. So I will start off with an introduction! My name is Sachiko and I have been married for almost 2 years now and been with my hubby for 5 years! We have a beautiful daughter who is 7 years old *yeah if you do the math you will see that I had her previously* Anyhow my husband left for BMT January 5th and it has been a long hard process on myself and our daughter, considering we have not been separated longer than 3 days total since we met in college. Anyhow I have talked to my husband A LOT but to me it does not seem enough! Technically he has only had 3 phone calls to me the last one being on Valentines Day! That was incredible because I was really down that day! The reason I said technically was because he has gotten like 4 extra phone calls during the week while getting every thing done for this super crazy clearance he needs, I have also been on conference calls with investigators and him asking questions. That actually freaked me out a little bit, but hey I guess all of that is needed for his Intel job. Anyhow he graduates March 4th and I am super excited, BUT at the same time I am nervous, what if he decides he does not want me anymore? What if the military has changed him so much we have nothing in common anymore *although I am prior service *ARMY* myself* I am just lost and confused and time is going by really slow. I know I have been very positive and supportive of him while he was gone LITERALLY my daughter and myself have written letters EVERYDAY since he has been gone and we send pictures 1 time a week. When I talk to him, he seems ok, but this last call on Valentines Day was a little different and maybe that is because he was heading to the BEAST the next day I am not sure. I have gotten 5 letters from him total plus the post card. I was hoping for more mail but I understand it was not easy for me when I was in basic to write! ANYHOW I GUESS I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY I AM SO NERVOUS AND FREAKING OUT ABOUT GRADUATION, I HAVE THE WORST BUTTERFLIES IN MY TUMMY, AND I JUST AM SO SCARED ITS NOT GOING TO BE MY PICTURE PERFECT MOMENT AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE WRONG! 

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I am super excited but nervous at the same time! During the Airmen's run he told me that they *his flight* is wearing dark gray shirts, and he short compared to everyone else so he is in the front, and its only like 3 black guys so I just have to look for the short black guy with the dark gray shirt on in the front! LOL! Maybe that will be easy!

The military makes them better. I can say this from experience. My boyfriend is 100% improved. His behavior, his attitude, everything, is 100% changed for the better and I am incredibly proud. it will be alright!

I'll be at that graduation weekend also!(: And I feel like all of us have been worried about our boys changing. But most of the time it's for the better and they realize how much they are in love with you. I bet it'll bring you guys a lot closer(: I can't wait for graduation ahhh!

Hey, welcome to the group! I'll be at graduation that weekend too! :)