So after reading some of these other posts im feeling a little better about this whole situation, but im still really confused. My boyfriend is joining the air force after graduation. He is not looking to make it a career. He is just hoping to get help with school and take advantage of the other great benefits the armed forces offers. He wants to stay together but I am not sure if it will work with me heading off to college. I know very little about how it all works and i just cant find any solid information. I cant find any sort of indication as to how long can i expect him to be gone for. I have big plans for my life and as much as i love him, I can not sit around waiting for him. We both love eachother very much and we both want to try our hardest to make this work. I will always be there for him and support him 100% with this entire experience no matter what happens. I am a huge fan of his choice to join the Air force. At the same time i need to be realistic. I might just be working myself up over nothing... but either way any help with a basic timeline would be much appreciated. This is an AWESOME group you guys have going here Thank you so much. :)  

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Thats such a great quote. i wrote it down and put it on my bulletin board just to remind myself. lol :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Im dreading the day he leaves. but im so proud of him. thank you for the advice. It helps knowing other people have gone thorough the same thing :)

Just stay positive! I am sure you all can handle it as well! And trust me the distance and lack of communication will make you guys more aware of your relationship and learn true value! NOTHING WILL BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED :)

that was sooo helpful!<br />
it answered a lot of my questions.<br />
thanks sooo much.<br />
it'll be tough but i think we can do it.<br />

Hi there! A time-line can be pretty difficult but I will do my best, <br />
Has he already started working with a recruiter?<br />
if so: <br />
<br />
Practice ASVAB-done with recruiter<br />
<br />
ASVAB testing-can either be overnight at MEPS facility-or local for a few hours<br />
<br />
Physical Exam-Usually overnight at the nearest MEPS facility *MEPS Military entrance processing Station*<br />
<br />
DEP Program Oath- *Delayed Entry Program *he can wait in this program for up to a yr depending on the job choice MOST ship out to basic training within 3-6 months after joining this program*<br />
<br />
Basic Training-*8 and a half weeks *if everything goes as planned* Being recycled *held over* is always a possibility<br />
<br />
Tech School-This depends completely on the job that is chosen or given* if you are married and the tech school is longer then 20 wks the military will usually pay to move you to your spouse my situation my husband is doing Operations Intelligence his Tech School is 26 weeks*<br />
<br />
Then Permanent party- where is first duty station will actually be!<br />
<br />
I know that may be a little confusing but I tried my best! Let me know if you have any other questions!