Wedding Troubles

So if y'all remember correctly me and James had our differences over our wedding.  I want a somewhat big wedding because of my family (there's too long of a story, but it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to leave these people out.  They RAISED me!!) and he wants a small wedding first because most of his family is in Florida.  So after thinking I came to a conclusion (that I'm not sure is the RIGHT conclusion :/)

So I was thinking that maybe we would do a courthouse ( :/ ) with my 4 bridesmaids (just dressed up) and his four friends and our family that we lived with + my mom and 2 VERY close aunts and his family friend.  and then have a "reception" after where really just kind of celebrate it with my family and those who couldn't be in court...and then do our WEDDING later...but Idk.  I'm worried about hurting people and I'm worried about hurting him and I really don't know where to go from here...advice? help?  something?

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well my family's gonna be at the 'reception' so it's automatically gonna be huge...but ii dnt wanna make it too big cuz then HIS family from florida will feel left out...and i dnt think that's such a good

Yeaa Kirster, thats what my parents did!! Just the two of them got married, then about two weeks later..they had a HUGE party at my house && surprised everyone with saying they were married =)

What about a small wedding, then HUGE reception. Invite a ton of people to the reception, then at the wedding just have a few close people.

yea it was. it's just that my family is so big and has done SO much for me...but i think this is what im gonna do... i just hope i don't regret it & i hope he keeps his end of the deal by giving me my wedding...

Aww hunni, I know your confused. But these wedding plans sound perfect to me. Just make sure this is what you want!!! Its all about you. Some family members might be upset, but at the end of the day its your situation. Do what makes you and him happy. Then in a couple years (fingers crossed for sooner) you both can have the huge princess wedding of your dreams =)<br />
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I hope this was some comfort..