Heyyy loves, seems like I havent talked to you girls in forever!! when reality its just been a weekend. Ofcourse I had to come and tell you guys about these last couple crazzzzy days!!!

Soo most of you know, I got 4letters from Richard on thursday (yayy) the highlight of my week. I was sooo happy. Still am. Lol. But I wrote back Friday && later that nite, I recieved a phone call from my baby!!! Super surprised! We talked for a quick secondk, then he hung up with me to make a quick phone call to his mom. Called me back a few minutes later. Now let me back up, the day before he went to the MEPS building, when we dropped him off at his recruiter..we all sat around and talked and his recruiter informed us that Richards graduation would be on March 26, that we should get down there on the 24th. So right after we dropped him off, we made all of our arrangements, just so we could have a good headstart, and plane tickets would be ALOT cheaper. Mind you, we are from Cleveland, so the tickets are a little more costly. Sooo when I was talking to Richard, he tells me that the graduation date was WRONG its not until April 2, and we would need to get down there on March 31. My heart drops in my stomach, because the plane tickets are non-refundable. Soo the rest of the time we were on the phone (which was about 15minutes...his TI was being nice) I barely could concentrate on him && talking to him, Im just worried about this trip. But during the convo, he let me know that he was about to start Hell week. He also told me he was sending me a copy of his Dream Sheet, soo I can start looking at schools in the area of the bases he choosed. Ohh, hold on forgot to tell you guys this: me and him decided, that Im going to transfer school either this August or January to a school close to where he is going to be stationed. We have talked about marriage, but I dont want to rush it, if this is what he wants to do (get married), then Im down, but if he wants to wait that is fine too. But like I previously stated he did mention marriage. Sooo anywho back to the convo, so he told me that, which made me happy. It was soo funny because I guess I was sounding like I was ready to cry and I was trying to hold it in, he was like "go head bay, you can let it out.." lol && I started crying. lol.

Soo after we got of the phone. I called his mom, and she was in a tizzy!! She booked the hotel already. We are staying in the Residence Inn of Sea World. The whole trip was paid for in full && with it all being paid for, the is a no-refund policy. Soo we were calling everyyyyyyone trying to get them to transfer our trip (its four of us going), priceline.com, travelocity, contential, residence inn, etc. Everyone was giving us a hassle, saying no, transferring us, getting disconnected. It was a complete nightmare!! For us to transfer our plane tickets it would be an additional 175 per person and they would give us any available flight they had available. Well after being transferred to this nice lady, she was able to waive all extra fees because Richard is in the military!! It was soo cute because his mother kept referring to me as his FIANCE...woot woot!! lol I played it cool though lol .She kept telling everyone at these companies "Me && Richard's fiance are just trying to make it to his graduation, this is my only son and he really wants us to be there" it was soo cute. But after three days of bullshit..everything is settled and we are all squared away. Im soo happy because we will actually be spending Easter down there going to church!!

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Yesss absolutely mayhem!!! lol, but now that things are better, Im happy & more content. Lol..and yes its alot to do! <br />
<br />
Cvillian I think she only paid an additional 45 dollars per person, which totally isnt bad!! && He may want to, I think he does!! But like I said, Im not going to push him!! And I sure as hell cant wait for that military money to start rolling in! lol

Ohhhh snap girl sound like you have had a CRAZY weekend!! I'm really glad it all worked out!! haha